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[Korea Quiz] Korea's spicy affair with noodles

By Song Seung-hyun

Published : Jan. 25, 2024 - 10:06

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The roots of Korean ramyeon trace back to 1963 when Samyang Ramen, the first Korean ramyeon, made its debut.

Featuring wheat noodles in a mild, chicken broth, the early product was not very popular, as noodles in general were not a popular meal option for Koreans at that time, due to the widespread preference for rice.

But a shortage in rice production in the 1960s prompted the South Korean government to encourage wheat flour consumption, which gave a major boost to ramyeon sales.

The first ramyeon, Samyang Ramen, is still found on local shelves, although it has undergone significant modifications in its flavor, with the addition of red chili pepper to the broth.

Although dehydrated instant noodles were first invented in Japan, Koreans now far exceed the Japanese in their love for them, consuming 77 servings on average per year.

Vietnam holds the title for being the greatest consumer of instant noodles in terms of per-capita consumption, with its people devouring an average of 83 servings a year in 2022.

Answer: d