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[Korea Quiz] Korea’s islands

By Korea Herald

Published : July 3, 2024 - 09:43

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South Korea, a peninsula nation, boasts a complex coastline stretching 17,361 kilometers. Along this coastline, Seoul officially counts 3,382 islands, with 2,918 of them remaining uninhabited. When considering islands within North Korean territory, the total exceeds 4,400 islands.

Comparing countries based on their number of islands is challenging due to varying definitions and counting methodologies as well as data accuracy. South Korea's position in such rankings varies; with some sources placing it as high as 12th, while others ranking it around No. 15.

In Asia, South Korea is among the countries with the most islands, although fewer than Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan.

The largest island in South Korea is Jeju Island, a special self-governing province comprising two cities. Following Jeju Island are Geojedo in South Gyeongsang Province and Jindo in South Jeolla Province. Ganghwado, part of Incheon, is the fourth-largest island.

South Korea's western and southern coastlines are particularly renowned for their complexity, featuring numerous bays, inlets and smaller peninsulas. These geographical characteristics not only enhance the region's natural beauty, but also support diverse marine life and ecosystems.

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