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Release of traffic camera footage of actor Lim Seul-ong’s accident raises controversy

By Lim Jang-won

Published : Aug. 7, 2020 - 17:19

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Lim Seul-ong (Jellyfish Entertainment) Lim Seul-ong (Jellyfish Entertainment)

As the police investigation of Lim Seul-ong’s car accident continues, a local newspaper released traffic camera footage of the Aug. 1 accident, turning public opinion against Lim.

Actor and singer Lim Seul-ong hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the road around midnight Aug. 1 while driving his white SUV in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

The pedestrian light was red when the man was crossing the street on the rainy day and Lim was reported to not have been under the influence of alcohol, causing many people to defend him in online posts.

“Lim immediately gave first aid at the scene of the accident, but (the victim) passed away while being transported to the hospital,” Lim’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment said on Tuesday. “Although Lim Seul-ong was investigated by the police and returned home, he is shocked both mentally and physically.”

Many online considered Lim also a victim of the accident and worried about the traumatizing effect it will have on him.

However, local newspaper JoongAng Ilbo released the footage of the accident on Wednesday showing Lim’s SUV hitting the victim two seconds after the victim walked into the pedestrian crossing. Also, Lim did not slowdown significantly before hitting the victim, despite street signs warning of frequent accidents in the area.

The speed limit, which is usually 50 kilometers per hour, was 40 kph at the time of the accident, as the Korean Road Traffic Act states that speed limits are reduced by 20 percent when it rains. Whether Lim was speeding at the time is under investigation.

By Lim Jang-won (