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'Super Rich in Korea' will leave viewers appreciating Korea more: producers

By Lee Yoon-seo

Published : May 7, 2024 - 14:54

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A scene from A scene from "Super Rich in Korea," starring Yoo Hee-ra (Netflix)

Netflix's original series "Super Rich in Korea" will allow viewers to appreciate South Korea more by showcasing the lifestyles of ultra-wealthy individuals who chose to relocate to Korea out of their love for the country, the show's producers said Tuesday.

"Super Rich in Korea" is a six-part reality show that explores the extravagant lives of super-rich foreign nationals living in Korea.

The show stars five cast members -- Kim Anna, a member of the Pakistani nobility; Singaporean business tycoon David Yong; Teodoro Marani, the heir to an Italian luxury brand; Iraqi-Emirati influencer Noor Naim; and Yoo Hee-ra, a 25-year-old influencer and Korea’s sole client ambassador for overseas luxury brands. A client ambassador refers to customers chosen to represent a particular brand because they are the biggest purchasers of the brand's products.

While portraying the lives of the super-rich in an entertaining fashion, the show's producers emphasized that equal attention is given to elucidating the motivations behind each cast member's decision to leave his or her homeland and settle in Korea.

"It's understandable that people travel to Korea because they're attracted to K-culture. However, uprooting the foundation of one's life and having their business mainly function in Seoul is a very significant thing," said Yuh Woon-hyuk, the main producer of the show, during an online press conference on Tuesday. Yuh has helmed several hit Korean entertainment shows including "Knowing Bros" and "Ssulzun."

"Those who came to Korea have done so because they wanted to realize their dreams and passions here. Watching the cast push themselves toward their goals will provide great entertainment," said Park Hye-seong, the show's producer.

Yuh added the entertainment show allows Koreans to see their country in a different light, by showing the country through the lens of foreigners who love Korea.

"(Koreans) are here thinking, 'What should we do? What can we do in Korea?'" said Yuh.

"Perhaps we're unaware of the opportunities right under our noses. There might be other businesses or chances here (that Koreans) are oblivious to and that are more apparent to foreigners," he added.

"I hope this becomes a catalyst for the audience to develop a deeper appreciation for Korea. Furthermore, I encourage (the viewers) to contemplate Korea not only as a cultural destination but also as a center for business," said Yuh.

All six episodes of "Super Rich in Korea" are available for streaming on Netflix.

The poster for The poster for "Super Rich in Korea" (Netflix)