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Seoul to host triathlon festival along Han river in June

By Lee Jaeeun

Published : May 27, 2024 - 14:36

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The 1st Sium Sium Han River Triathlon Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Government) The 1st Sium Sium Han River Triathlon Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

The 1st Sium Sium Han River Triathlon Festival inviting participants to complete swimming, cycling, and running events within 48 hours will take place along the Han river in Seoul in June.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on Monday that the festival would take place on June 1 and 2 at the Ttukseom Han River Park in Seoul.

Under the slogan, “Sium Sium” meaning "chill-out" in Korean, the festival is intended to ensure that everyone, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy the festival, according to the city government.

The city government said that Mayor Oh Se-hoon, an avid all-around sportsman known for his love of triathlons, led the push to create the festival. Participants can choose courses tailored to their fitness levels and complete the three disciplines -- swimming, cycling, and running -- at their own pace over the two days. The event prioritizes completion over speed or record-breaking, the city added.

There are two-course options: the “Slow and Steady Beginner” (15K) course open to all citizens, and the “Slow and Steady Advanced” (31K) course for experienced triathletes and swimmers.

The swimming leg offers distances of 300m and 1km. Children under 13 and beginners can complete one lap (200m) in a separate outdoor pool designated as the Beginner Swimming Zone to earn official completion status.

The cycling routes include a 10km course (from Ttukseom Han River Park to Jungnangcheon Bridge, returning from Yongbi Bridge) and a 20km course (Ttukseom Han River Park to Jungnangcheon Bridge, Yongbi Bridge, and returning from Banpo Bridge). Participants can use rental bikes, tricycles, or children’s balance bikes.

The running options are 5km and 10km courses, allowing participants to walk, run, or take breaks as needed. Participants can even push strollers during the event.

Citizens interested in participating can search for “Sium Sium Han River Triathlon Festival” on Naver and register through the Naver reservation system. During the reservation process, participants can select their preferred date and time for the event. Additional on-site registration could be possible if there are remaining slots on the event days. A total of 10,000 participants will be admitted, with an entry fee of 20,000 won ($14).

Furthermore, the Fun Experience Zone will be set up beside the triathlon game, according to the city. At the Seoul Citizen Fitness Zone, citizens can check their fitness levels by doing exercises like sit-ups and standing long jumps. At Han River Sports Day, people can experience and learn about new sports such as laser shooting.

A waterpark with a gigantic air bounce will also open at the festival.

Meditation and yoga programs will be held on a grassy area by the river, while a gardening program will teach people how to create a terrarium.

The evenings will feature performances and shows, including Korean traditional music Gukak and operas, and Seoul’s representative B-Boying group Soul Burnz’s dance performances. The city said the performance highlights will be a Han River Drone Light Show on June 1 and a Muted DJ Party on June 2.

“Unlike traditional triathlons reserved for highly trained athletes, the Sium Sium Han River Triathlon Festival is an inclusive festival of everyday fitness that anyone can challenge,” said Kim Young Hwan, the director general of Seoul's Tourism and Sports Bureau. “We hope many citizens will participate in this unique way to enjoy the Han river.”

Mayor Oh said, “This series of festivities was developed from the idea of providing citizens with more chances to relax and have leisure time by the Han River. We will continue to develop the festival programs so that international tourists can think of the Han River Festival in the summer.”

The city plans to make the festival an annual event.

“We will keep developing Seoul city as a healthy, vibrant city where people enjoy leisure time by the river and exercise lightly,” the mayor added.

The 1st Sium Sium Han river Triathlon Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Government) The 1st Sium Sium Han river Triathlon Festival (Seoul Metropolitan Government)