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‘Malice should not undermine the system, social order,’ says Hybe's Bang

By Kim Jae-heun

Published : May 17, 2024 - 17:50

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Hybe Chairman Bang Si-hyuk (Hybe) Hybe Chairman Bang Si-hyuk (Hybe)

In a petition filed with the court Friday, Hybe Chairman Bang Si-hyuk made public for the first time his stance on the ongoing feud over Ador CEO Min Hee-jin’s alleged breach of trust.

The Seoul Central District Court on Friday convened a hearing on the preliminary injunction filed by Min against Hybe to prohibit the parent company from exercising voting rights in favor of a proposal to dismiss her at an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting scheduled for May 31.

“The only way for the K-pop industry to be sustainable is for more creators to constantly make better creations. That was the driving force behind K-pop’s continued growth over the past few years,” said an attorney from the Kim & Chang Law Firm, Hybe’s legal representative, who read the petition at the court.

“I understand that some people see Min’s behavior as an indication of problems with (Hybe’s) multi-label system. However, no sophisticated system or thorough contract can completely prevent human malice. The malicious behavior of a person should not undermine the system that many people have built for a long time, and I think that it is the power of our social system to prevent individual malice and misdeeds from destroying social institutions and order.

“As an entertainment company that is supposed to convey joy (to people), I am deeply sorry for the distress this (case) has caused many members of our community and the public, and I hope that my sincerity will be heard and the court will make the wise decision to dismiss (Min’s) request for a provisional injunction,” the attorney added.

Meanwhile, a decision on the preliminary injunction is expected before the end of this month.