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[Herald Interview] Minseo returns with dark charisma in ‘Dead Love’

By Lee Jung-youn

Published : March 31, 2024 - 21:59

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Minseo (Bill Entertainment) Minseo (Bill Entertainment)

Although she is often thought of as a ballad singer with a soft, emotion-laden voice, Minseo is full of bright energy and has so much more she wants to express.

"Everyone is surprised when they meet me in person. I became famous for the lyrical, emotional ballad 'Yes,' so everyone assumes I would be a sentimental, quiet person," the singer said during a group interview on March 21.

Minseo came to attention when she made it to the top eight on “Superstar K7” in 2015. The show led her to sign with Mystic Story, the agency led by singer Yoon Jong-shin. Prior to her debut, she released “Yes” in November 2017, a twin version to Yoon's smash hit "Like It." “Yes” also became a hit, following the success of "Like It." She topped almost all the music charts before even officially making her debut.

However, that success also became a stumbling block.

Since she had already topped several music charts, no matter what she did, it felt like she was drawing a "graph with a decline curve," Minseo recalled.

"I was scared and anxious because it felt like I wasn't providing what the public wanted from me. So I decided not to think about the rankings at all. I decided to focus on finding a way to let people know what kind of voice and charm I have."

In her new single, Minseo wants to prove she is no longer that unrefined youth from "Superstar K7" -- she is now a singer who can pull off mature, intense music.

The new single “Dead Love” is her first new song since "#Self_Trip," which was released in April 2022. It is also the first since she signed on with Bill Entertainment in May last year.

"Dead Love" features straightforward lyrics about wishing happiness for one's ex-lover. The easy-listening style strikes a balance with the intense lyrics.

"The song contains honest hatred toward an ex-lover that everyone must have felt at some point. When I received the lyrics, I could easily empathize with the situation, and it was also easy to portray the scene,” said Minseo.

"Every song is a story, so there seems to be no reason to listen to it if you cannot empathize with it. I want to do music that is comfortable for your ears, but contains honest, naked stories."

As for the genre, the 29-year-old singer is still searching. Although she wants to release a full-length album, she said she does not feel ready yet.

Being able to move between various styles and genres is an advantage, but at the same time, it is also a weakness. "Trying so many different things may have confused the public. I floated about without a clear identity or style. I think the public was confused about what kind of music I was pursuing."

She is still endeavoring to find her place.

"The music and activities that I want to do always change, depending on what I experience. It's hard to give a definite answer on what path I'm going to take. However, as a singer who has a voice that can express many things, I want to consistently present new sides of me."

This year, Minseo will pursue acting as well as singing. "1980: The Unforgettable Day," which she filmed three years ago, came out Wednesday.

Minseo plans on releasing several more singles this year and possibly holding her own concert. "I want to become a singer who can meet fans regularly through performances. I want to sing a lot of music that goes well with festivals and live concerts."

Minseo (Bill Entertainment) Minseo (Bill Entertainment)
Minseo (Bill Entertainment) Minseo (Bill Entertainment)