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[New in Korean] Woo Da-young invites readers into 'a darker night' with latest SF collection

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : Feb. 11, 2024 - 18:01

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"But Someone Wants a Darker Night" by Woo Da-young (Moonji Publishing)

"But Someone Wants a Darker Night"

By Woo Da-young

Moonji Publishing

The third collection of stories penned by Woo Da-young, titled "But Someone Wants a Darker Night," includes five short stories in which characters frequently engage in contemplation, reflecting upon the boundaries between the self and others.

In the coming-of-age narrative, "There Was a Knife Between Us," Alpha and Omega, initially born as a singular entity but later separated as twins, reunite on their 18th birthday. Alpha who initially denies and hates Omega, eventually comes to accept that they belong to each other.

In "According to the Primordial Innocence," a newfound plant named "Azkhal" takes center stage. Those infected by the plant's toxicity begin to recollect the past and envision the future of their reincarnations.

Within "Long Foretelling," prophets possessing knowledge of the impending apocalypse emerge, and "Prayer is Part of Miracles" narrates the tale of messiah Yuri, who acquires mysterious abilities after being rescued from a disaster area in childhood.

The culminating story, "But Someone Wants a Darker Night," set in the future, delves into the lives of generations residing in capsules, preparing for migration to a new planet as Earth approaches its end.

In the author's note, Woo reflects, "The predominant theme that pervaded my thoughts while writing was how you and I are so different, yet inseparably connected." Woo describes the narratives as "not confined to the realm of knowledge” she possesses but rather a celebration of the “boundless realm of imagination."

The Latin title, "Sed Quondam Volo Nocte Nigriorem," translates to "But Someone Wants a Darker Night."