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[New in Korean] Fantasy novel emerges from psychological autopsy center

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : Jan. 28, 2024 - 08:01

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"The Girl in a Phone Booth" by Lee Su-yeon (Clayhouse)

"The Girl in a Phone Booth"

By Lee Su-yeon


Imagine having the ability to hear the last thoughts of those who have left this world. The psychological autopsy center is the backdrop for a touching human fantasy novel that hit the shelves last week.

Those left behind by a suicide experience profound grief, guilt and resentment with lingering questions like "why" and "how could this happen." The psychological autopsy center investigates a person's suicide.

Ji-an, the director of this psychological autopsy center, discovers a secret at a public phone booth near the center.

The phone allows one to hear the final thoughts of one’s dearly cherished person who has passed away.

Ji-an, driven by the desire to hear her late father's voice, visits the booth daily. She decides to incorporate the booth into her psychological autopsy work, believing that listening to the final thoughts of the deceased can offer some redemption to those left behind.

Ji-an mourns and extends hope to those left behind while navigating her own process of grief over losing her father.

The story explores the experiences of bereaved families, the process of mourning and overcoming grief.

A suicide attempt survivor herself, the author sought counseling and immersed herself in reading and writing, which led her to write the novel.

Prior to its official release, the book had already secured licensing agreements in Poland, Romania and Turkey. Additionally, talks about screen adaptation rights are underway, according to the publisher.