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Red Velvet returns with conceptual, dramatized studio album

By Hong Yoo

Published : Nov. 13, 2023 - 16:52

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Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)

Red Velvet on Monday released "Chill Kill," the girl group's third full album.

The group's full album comes six years after the release of the group's second LP, “Perfect Velvet.”

“We tried our best to express the two key words of our album -- hope and tragedy. Not only did we focus on expressing those words in our songs and choreography but also in all of the content that will be released along with the album such as the music video and trailer clips,” said Wendy of Red Velvet.

“We wanted to introduce music that only Red Velvet can present and do well. We preserved their identity by bringing up the album with concepts and genres that the group could best digest. We also tried to show their musical growth by redistributing vocal parts. Listeners will notice how Red Velvet has matured music-wise in this new album,” said an artist and repertoire official from SM Entertainment.

The 10-track album is led by the single “Chill Kill” which was produced by hit maker Kenzie and the Swedish production team Moonshine, which has worked with Red Velvet for a long time.

The title track is a pop dance tune with drastic bass and string paired with synth and bell sounds.

The song is in a dramatized form, carrying a story about how love changes the universe in which the girls live.

“The highlight dance move is sliding our hands up our arms to express the word ‘chill’ used for the title of the track. We tried our best to interpret the song in our own way, to make it Red Velvet’s, so please look forward to our onstage performances to come,” said Seulgi of Red Velvet in a press release on Monday.

The new album also carries a medium-tempo R&B single, “Nightmare,” which is composed with string orchestration and a retro swing beat.

The song is about making nightmares disappear with beautiful memories to welcome another day of brightness.

Red Velvet did not forget to include one of its signature addictive dance songs, with “Bulldozer."

The quintet is known for its conceptual and addictive singles that are performed with eye-catching choreography.

“Another track we want to introduce is ‘Underwater.’ All our members love this song and this is a perfect song to tune into in winter as it feels as if you are in water but you will feel cozy at the same time listening to it,” said Yeri of Red Velvet.

The artists plan to communicate with their fans actively while promoting this new album.

“We will be meeting our fans through diverse promotions such as YouTube content, starring on TV shows and going live on radio. We also have a fan meeting event prepared,” said Seulgi.

The group’s 10th anniversary is this year, but it is still unknown whether the members renewed their contracts with the label.

SM Entertainment only confirmed in August that Seulgi did.