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Lightsum's new album ‘Honey or Spice’ tickles tastebuds

By Hong Yoo

Published : Oct. 12, 2023 - 17:31

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Lightsum performs 'Honey or Spice' at a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (Cube Entertainment) Lightsum performs 'Honey or Spice' at a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (Cube Entertainment)

Cube Entertainment’s K-pop girl group Lightsum returned to the music scene with its second EP, “Honey or Spice,” after a year and five months' break.

“We tried to show a new side of our group when coming up with this album. We tried to avoid choosing songs that were similar to what we’d done in the past. The titular track of this album is very addictive so we’re sure that people will like it,” said Sangah, the leader of Lightsum, during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

The group performed the catchy titular track for the first time on stage during the press conference.

“The highlight dance move is at the hook of the song when we put a finger on our lips and shake our shoulders,” explained Juhyeon.

The group described their album as a flavorful combination of three different tastes: "odd," "spice" and "honey."

To do so, Lightsum included two unit songs in the album for the first time since their debut.

The unit songs are “Light It Up” in which members Sangah, Chowon and Juhyeon took part, and “Whoopie” with members Yujeong, Nayoung and Hina.

"Light It Up"'s powerful vibe contrasts with "Whoopie," a bright and energetic song, Lightsum said.

Another highlight of the album was Juhyeon's and Sangah's lyric-writing and composition.

“I composed the sidetrack ‘Skyline’ in this album which is of the R&B genre composed with hip-hop beats. The song carries the message that we will continue walking forward toward the light,” said Juhyeon.

“I wrote the lyrics to this track and I tried to think about a walk at nighttime when working on it because I thought the mood of the song is really important for this one,” said Sangah.

Lightsum admitted that they felt insecure and anxious during their long break from the music scene.

“But we tried to use that time to develop ourselves. We also grew close to each other by sharing our feelings during the long break. We tried not to lose touch by practicing every day even when we did not have any work,” said Sangah.

“We hope that our album receives a lot of love. Please look forward to our stages to come.”