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H1-KEY continues to dream in Seoul, city of opportunities

By Hong Yoo

Published : Aug. 31, 2023 - 14:14

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H1-KEY introduces its 2nd EP H1-KEY introduces its 2nd EP "Seoul Dreaming" during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday. (GLG)

H1-KEY is back and ready to move people’s hearts with its second mini album “Seoul Dreaming,” filled with songs that sing of hope.

“Our second EP is for people who have a dream. We hope to spread hope and comfort through this album,” said Seoi of H1-KEY during a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday.

The new album is led by two title tracks: “Seoul (Such a Beautiful City)” and “Time to Shine.”

H1-KEY once again paired up with the renowned music producer Hong Ji-sang and Young K from the K-pop boy group DAY6 to make the title track “Seoul.”

Hong composed the group’s previous hit single “Rose Blossom,” and Young K composed the lyrics.

“In the title track 'Seoul,' we sing about not giving up on a dream and continuing to work hard to accomplish it in the city of opportunities. We sing about being ready to overcome difficulties that we face when heading toward our goal in the other title track ‘Time to Shine,'” explained Riina.

Yel, the group's youngest member, says she immediately clicked with “Seoul” because she could relate to the song.

“I’m from Changwon, and when I first heard this song, it reminded me of the first time I came to Seoul to become a K-pop idol. It brought back old memories of myself traveling back and forth on a bus for hours from Seoul to my hometown to achieve my dream. … When I listen to it at night, it brings tears to my eyes. It’s a meaningful song for me,” said Yel.

Working with a hit-making producer has been an amazing experience for the members.

“Producer Hong catches the strength of each member and accentuates such features in the music through detailed directing. That’s why I think this album shows our individual strengths well,” said Hwiseo.

The band's latest release comes seven months after its previous title track “Rose Blossom” helped it win recognition in the crowded K-pop industry.

“Through the success of ‘Rose Blossom,’ we learned that the public loves genuine words that comfort them in times of difficulties. This made us focus more on the delivery of the song’s message. ‘Rose Blossom’ definitely helped us to level up,” said Seoi.

“We want our latest title tracks to be loved by the public, but what we really want is to establish our color as artists through this new album,” she added.