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[Korea Quiz] Convenience stores, convenience services

By Korea Herald

Published : Aug. 30, 2023 - 13:52

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South Korea tops the world in terms of convenience stores, with an average one shop per 1,106 persons across the country as of March this year.

It may be only natural that these stores have become an integral part of everyday life for Koreans by providing diverse services at affordable costs.

Many budget-conscious office workers and students start their day at convenience stores with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The GS25 franchise, the industry’s largest, boasts high-end automatic coffee machines that cost 13 million won ($9,700) per unit to offer a cup of americano at 1,300 won.

Customers can have the coffee either hot or iced, and they can opt to pay more for other types of drinks.

Several convenience stores also have built-in cafe spaces within the venue to cater to visitors seeking to take a break and drink their budget coffee.

Mail and package delivery services are offered in many, though not all stores. The price of the package delivery ranges by weight.

Users can weigh the package, enter the address and other necessary information in the machines installed in such stores. They can then pay for the package at the counter.

A popular convenience store delivery service these days is the "half-price delivery." Available in GS25 and CU branches, the service allows users to send packages from one store to another for the receiver to pick it up from there. The cost is some 50 percent cheaper than regular, home-to-home delivery.

Banking services such as issuance of debit cards are available as well. Select stores have installed advanced automatic teller machines that allow customers to carry out simple bank errands via video chat.

Basic ATM transactions such as wiring money can also be done at almost all convenience stores.

Answer: d