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[Korea Quiz] Summertime delicacy

By Kim So-hyun

Published : Aug. 2, 2023 - 10:26

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Koreans seek comfort from a wide variety of foods in each season. In the summer, when it's either sizzling hot or rainy, people naturally look for something cold or refreshing to keep exhaustion from the high temperatures and humidity at bay.

Patbingsu, a milk-based Korean shaved ice dessert with various toppings, including red beans, is a summertime favorite. If you see coffee shops starting to sell patbingsu, that means summer has arrived. "Pat" means red beans, and "bingsu" means shaved ice.

Naengmyeon, or cold noodles, comes in three different types -- mul naengmyeon, served in a chilled broth made from beef and Korean radish water kimchi called dongchimi; bibim naengmyeon, where the noodles are served in a slightly sweet and vinegary red chili sauce, with some cucumber and pear; and hoe naengmyeon, a variation of bibim naengmyeon with slices of marinated raw fish and red chili sauce.

Samgyetang is a ginseng chicken soup that consists of a whole chicken stuffed with garlic, rice, jujubes and ginseng. Even though samgyetang is served boiling hot, it is a traditional summer health food.

Patjuk, or hot porridge made of red beans and rice, on the other hand, is a dish traditionally savored in the winter season, especially during winter solstice, known as “dongji,” around Dec. 22 in Korea.

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