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Teen Top's C.A.P leaves group after controversial livestream

Agency says Teen Top will come back as a quartet

By Choi Ji-won

Published : May 11, 2023 - 17:17

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C.A.P of Teen Top leaves the band on Thursday. (TOP Media) C.A.P of Teen Top leaves the band on Thursday. (TOP Media)

C.A.P, whose real name is Bang Min-su, is leaving his group, Teen Top, following a controversial YouTube livestream, the group's agency, TOP Media, said Thursday.

The management on Thursday released an official statement announcing C.A.P's dismissal from the team.

"Through discussions with Teen Top members, we have decided C.A.P will leave the group as of today," the statement said, adding the team will continue as a four-piece group with members Niel, Changjo, Chunji and Ricky.

The firm later added it has terminated its exclusive contract with Bang.

The announcement comes two days after the agency issued an apology over the Teen Top leader's controversial behavior during a casual live YouTube session on Monday.

The singer was painting, and while taking a break, he lit a cigarette during the broadcast.

Some fans left comments asking him not to smoke during the livestream and he lashed out at them, cursing and complaining, "I honestly hate the fact that people who never used to watch my videos all of a sudden rush in here because the comeback is around the corner and give (me) bullshit, saying, 'Don't do that.'"

Teen Top recently announced it will drop a new album in July, making its first full-group comeback in over three years.

Continuing to share his frustration at fans, he seemingly threatened them, saying, "This will break your hearts, but I'm even considering not coming back. My contract (with the agency) ends in July," again using expletives.

Boy band Teen Top (TOP Media) Boy band Teen Top (TOP Media)

TOP Media released an official apology on Tuesday.

"We apologize for C.A.P's inappropriate behavior and words during the live broadcast. Currently, C.A.P is greatly reflecting on the fact that he showed an inappropriate side of himself and is deeply regretting it," the agency said on Tuesday.

Regarding C.A.P's contract, the firm said they had agreed to discuss his contract renewal following the group's comeback.

The partnership came to an early end following the decision to dismiss C.A.P from the team.

"The company and C.A.P have arrived at a mutual agreement to take a better path separately. We share deep regret to break this news to all the fans who have shown support," TOP Media said Thursday following its announcement of the termination of C.A.P's contract.

The 30-year-old artist also posted an apology on social media on Thursday.

"It's been a while since I felt I was in the wrong clothes. I wanted to break free of them and made a mistake," he said, adding, "I knew I was doing wrong to everyone who has supported me and my bandmates, whom I've been closer than brothers with for a long time."

"It's all my fault and I have no excuse," he said. "I'm sorry to the members and the company who have excused my immature behavior and apologize to the fans who must have been shocked."

Teen Top debuted in 2010 under TOP Media and made its name with hits including: "Miss Right," "Rocking" and "No More Perfume on You." The group recently announced it would make a comeback in July with a new album to celebrate its 13th anniversary.