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Seventeen shouts 'F--- My Life' in new album

Boy band's 10th EP "FML" racks up record-breaking 4.64 million sales in preorders

By Choi Ji-won

Published : April 24, 2023 - 16:19

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Image from Seventeen's 10th EP Image from Seventeen's 10th EP "FML" (Pledis Entertainment)

Seventeen returned Monday with its 10th EP, titled "FML," through which the K-pop band treats young ears to cheerful tunes and hopeful messages.

"FML" marked the 13-piece group's return with a new album nine months after the release of its fourth LP reissue, "Sector 17," in July.

"We've embodied all the music and messages that we had wanted to do and deliver in this album,"the group's leader S.Coups said in an official statement to the local press on Monday morning.

The six-track album is fronted by co-lead tracks "F*ck My Life" and "Super," marking a first in the group's eight-year career.

"We're excited to showcase our first album fronted by two songs. They're packed with different charms but both perfectly resemble 'Seventeen,'" Mingyu said.

Through the two songs, the 13 members are set to showcase the contrasting energy of Seventeen.

"F*ck My Life" is an old-school hip-hop tune that rants out raw feelings inside those who strive to work hard despite dispiriting circumstances. Sometimes, gushing out one's honest emotions can be more consoling than any words of comfort from the outside, the bandmates say through the song.

"I felt a corner of my heart become strangely sad yet warm after listening to 'F*ck My Life.' I thought Carats will also sympathize and be comforted by it," Dino said, referring to the band's fan group.

Joshua added, "It reflects the overall story and flow of the album and carries a positive message for Carats."

"Super" is a song inspired by Son Goku, the main character of the popular Japanese manga series "Dragon Ball." Just like the character, who overcomes failures and hardships to evolve, Seventeen conveys their continued efforts to grow as musicians in the song.

A zealous song that will "ramp up the energy with its powerful sounds," as put by Joshua, "Super" comes with a mega-sized crew performance in its music video.

Even for Seventeen, renowned for its exceptional teamwork onstage and synchronized performance, "Super" was a new challenge. The music video features over 200 dancers, for the largest scale ever in the band's career.

"We wanted to show a completely new stage to return the love Carats have sent us," Hoshi explained.

Seungkwan added, "It's not just the performance, but we wanted to show overall that we have improved."

The album also includes the group song "April Shower" and three subunit tracks, the hip-hop unit's "Fire," performance unit's "I Don't Understand But I Luv U" and vocal unit's "Dust."

With Woozi as the producer of the album, some of the bandmates, including S. Coups, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon and Dino, contributed as songwriters and lyricists on the album.

"It's an easy-listening album. Hopefully, you can space out for a few moments in your busy days to gaze into the sky and listen to our songs," Woozi recommended.

Seventeen, consisting of S. Coups, Mingyu, Dino, The8, Woozi, Hoshi, Seungkwan, Joshua, Vernon, Jun, Wonwoo, Jeonghan and DK, debuted under Pledis Entertainment in May 2015.

With its 10th EP "FML," the group has set a new career high in its ninth year, racking up a whopping 4.64 million preorder sales. That number is the highest for any K-pop album in history.

The band showed profound confidence about their new album.

"We feel more ready than ever. We want to show to the world that Seventeen is still solid," Dino said.

"As always, we've made the album with all our hearts," Hoshi said. Mingyu added, "We'll shake up the whole world!"

The members also hoped the album would be a source of comfort to their fans and listeners, just as they had been for the members in their difficult times.

"We hope the album's message can make Carats and us, Seventeen, happier than before," S. Coups said, and Dogyeom added, "Hopefully, Seventeen's genuine, heart-touching music and performances can empower people."

"Life may be hard and frustrating, but we hope you guys strive forward and think of a strong self," said The8.