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[CES 2023] HD Hyundai vows to lead 'ocean transformation' for sustainable future

Advancing autonomous sailing, maritime mobility and offshore energy generation will unlock ocean's endless potential: CEO

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : Jan. 5, 2023 - 15:29

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HD Hyundai CEO Chung Ki-sun speaks in a press conference held at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday, a day ahead of the opening of CES 2023. (HD Hyundai) HD Hyundai CEO Chung Ki-sun speaks in a press conference held at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday, a day ahead of the opening of CES 2023. (HD Hyundai)

LAS VEGAS -- HD Hyundai on Wednesday pledged to transform how people see and use the ocean in order to build a sustainable future.

“To solve the most pressing challenges faced by mankind today, including the global energy crisis and climate change, we must capitalize on the infinite potential of the sea,” said Chung Ki-sun, CEO of HD Hyundai, in a press conference held a day ahead of CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

“As a future builder, HD Hyundai will take lead in driving a historic expansion of human territory and sustainable growth for future generations through a paradigm shift with 'Ocean Transformation,'” he said.

The concept of Ocean Transformation refers to the company's new approach to the ocean, the repository of the Earth’s resources and the center of the global network, it said. HD Hyundai explained that it specifies the company’s role and direction as a future builder, which it had laid out as a new vision at the previous CES 2022.

HD Hyundai, which recently renamed itself from Hyundai Heavy Industries, said it will utilize world-leading shipbuilding technology and establish a safe transport value chain to turn the ocean into a place of sustainable eco-friendly energy.

Following the CEO’s remark, HD Hyundai presented the four core pillars of its maritime transformation goals -- Ocean Mobility, Ocean Wise, Ocean Life and Ocean Energy.

Ocean Mobility will focus on the plan to lead the safest and most efficient maritime transport of hydrogen and ammonia fuel with future ships that are equipped with autonomous sailing technology and digital solutions. HD Hyundai said it is developing the world’s largest ammonia carrier with a 90,000-cubic-meter capacity and the world’s first liquefied hydrogen carrier with a capacity of 40,000 cubic meters.

Ocean Wise will look to achieve true optimization of the maritime supply chain with artificial intelligence and big data technology to combine the information of ships, ports and weather across the world to provide a total platform solution called “OceanWise.” According to HD Hyundai’s calculation, OceanWise will be able to increase global shipping capacity by up to 10 percent, an equivalent of over 2 million shipping containers worldwide.

With Ocean Life, HD Hyundai pointed to its autonomous navigation subsidiary Avikus that aims to redefine self-boating and allow people to enjoy their time on the water no matter the level of their sailing skills. Carl Johansson, Avikus’ vice president of business development, said the company plans to release Neuboat -- the world’s first port-to-port autonomous navigation solution for leisure boats -- later this year.

As for Ocean Energy, the company will focus on advancing the technology of offshore windfarm and small modular nuclear reactors. HD Hyundai is also developing its first-generation solid oxide fuel cells with Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. The company said the aim is to develop solid oxide fuel cells with a total efficiency of 85 percent by 2025, doubling the fuel efficiency of conventional fossil fuel engines.

“The economic value of the ocean is unlimited. According to the OECD, the global maritime economy will reach $2.6 trillion in 2030. In the ocean, we will discover infinite opportunities, such as autonomous sailing and digital solutions,” said Chung.