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[팟캐스트] (454) 실외 마스크 의무 규정 해제 이후에도 여전히 마스크 쓰는 사람들 / 외국인 어린이 무료 입장 제외한 문화재청 차별적 기준 논란

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : May 4, 2022 - 09:00

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1. People still wear masks despite end of outdoor mask mandate

기사 요약: 실외 착용 규정 해제 이후에도 여전히 마스크 쓰고 다니는 사람들

[1] People seemed reluctant to take off their masks, although the country’s outdoor mask mandate was lifted on Monday. For various reasons, it was difficult to find people not wearing masks than those wearing them.

*reluctant: 주저하는, 꺼리는
*mandate: 명령, 의무
*various: 다양한, 여러 가지의

[2] “It is rather inconvenient to take off a face mask outside and put it back on when entering an indoor space,” said a 32-year-old female graduate student surnamed Cho in Seoul when asked why she still wore a mask outside, even though the mask rule had been scrapped.

*rather: 약간, 꽤, 오히려
*inconvenient: 불편한
*scrapped: 폐기된, 버려진

[3] According to the Central Disease Control Headquarters, masks are no longer required in most public outdoor settings, including weddings, physical education classes at school, outdoor subway station platforms and amusement parks.

*required: 필수의, 요구되는

[4] Wearing masks, however, is still recommended when it is difficult to keep a 1-meter distance from other people at gatherings, as well as settings where more than 50 people can be seated.

*recommended: 권고된
*gathering: 모임, 수집

기사 원문:

2. 'Children's Day only for Korean children'

기사 요약: 어린이날 외국인 무료 입장 제외한 문화재청 기준 논란

[1] Children’s Day in Korea is a day that all kids look forward to, but it may not carry the same meaning for foreign children in Korea, according to the Cultural Heritage Administration’s understanding of Children’s Day.

*look forward to ~: ~을 기대하다

[2] The CHA’s recent online announcement posted on the Deoksugung website that appeared to say that foreign children are excluded from free admission to palaces on Children’s Day sparked public outrage after it was brought to light in a social media post by the well-known political commentator Chin Jung-kwon.

*excluded: 제외된
*spark: 촉발시키다, 불꽃을 일으키다
*outrage: 격분, 격노

[3] The announcement had said that seven royal tombs and palaces would offer free or partially free admission to the public on Childrens’ Day on May 5, the presidential inauguration day on May 10 and throughout the annual Palace Culture festival period, from May 10-22.

*partially: 부분적으로
*inauguration: 취임식

[4] For Children’s Day, the announcement had said, “free admission for up to two accompanying guardians of children.” In smaller letters, it said: “Children up to 12 years old. Foreign children excluded.” The post was deleted Wednesday morning.

*admission: 입장, 입학, 들어감, 입장료
*accompanying: 동행하는, 동반하는

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