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LG Onmipod to make debut at Kakao's tech conference in Feb.

CEOs of Aurora, Volocopter to take part at NEMO: 2022

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : Jan. 24, 2022 - 14:19

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Image of LG Omnipod (LG Electronics) Image of LG Omnipod (LG Electronics)
LG’s future mobility concept car LG Omnipod will make its first offline debut here next month at a tech conference organized by Kakao Mobility, companies said Monday.

Introduced in a video at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas earlier this month, LG Omnipod is a concept model of future self-driving cars interpreted as  vehicles as extensions of the home. Based on users’ needs, it can be an office or personal space where users can enjoy various activities such as watching movies, exercising and shopping through the metaverse, the company said.

Its debut will take place at Kakao Mobility’s first technology conference titled “Next Mobility: NEMO 2022.”

The conference brings global leaders in the mobility industry, including Aurora CEO Chris Urmson and Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter to Seoul on Feb. 10,

The list of participants also includes Korean companies including LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, GS Retail and Woowa Brothers.

CEOs of Aurora and Volocopter will take part in the keynote speech to discuss their future visions on autonomous driving strategy and urban air mobility.

At the inaugural conference, Kakao Mobility looks to highlight the infinite expansion of mobility, which has been recognized only as a service that supports transportation in limited ways including calling taxis or providing navigation routes. 

Screen capture of Kakao Mobility’s tech conference website Screen capture of Kakao Mobility’s tech conference website
The company said it expects the conference to present a new paradigm of mobility that is changing the future life environment, pointing out the advanced technologies in the industry analyzing the purpose of transportation based on algorithms, offering optimized transportation methods using big data and bringing objects and service to humans.

The one-day conference will have three sessions and 16 presentations to cover the cutting-edge technologies in the mobility industry such as visual positioning system, fused indoor localization, transportation management system, self-driving and robotics. 

On the sidelines of the event, a hands-on exhibition will be held for visitors to experience the newest mobility technology.

“NEMO 2022 is designed to go beyond the innovation of mobility initiated by Kakao T and expand mobility into a technology-intensive industry with active investment,” said Ryu Geung-seon, CEO of Kakao Mobility.

“We hope the conference will be a place to share insights with global leading tech companies that are advancing innovative technologies in various fields. We will continue to present a global mobility technology paradigm with various themes every year.”

All sessions of the mobility tech conference will be openly streamed live, Kakao Mobility said, but the registration for offline participation will follow a first-come-first-served basis on the event’s website until Feb. 9.