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[CES 2022] Samsung working on asymmetrical foldable display for flip smartphone

By Kim Byung-wook

Published : Jan. 5, 2022 - 11:38

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The Flex S (Samsung Display) The Flex S (Samsung Display)

Las Vegas -- Samsung Display unveiled an asymmetrical foldable display for flip smartphones at a private media showcase held at Encore in Las Vegas.

During the tour, Samsung officials showcased a prototype flip smartphone where the upper half is shorter than the lower half. When folded, the bottom part of the display is exposed, where basic information such as time and weather showed up.

“By exposing the bottom screen, flip smartphones no longer need a secondary screen on the exterior fold. This can cut costs significantly and simplify the manufacturing process,” a company official said.

Asked how the exposed bottom screen is protected, an official slid down a translucent plastic cover, which covered the exposed area perfectly.

Samsung Display declined to comment on whether the asymmetrical foldable display will be mounted on the future Galaxy Z series, saying that it’s up to the client. But it was clear that Samsung Display is taking the asymmetrical idea quite seriously, considering that the photo of the prototype was excluded from the press kit released to reporters after the tour.

During the tour, the company also introduced double-bending foldable and rollable QD display panels.

The double-bending foldable, namely The Flex S, folds in and out, creating a “S” curve.  The series also includes a 17.3-inch foldable display panel that could be best used in portable devices, like notebooks and The Flex Slidable which extends to a 7.3-inch screen adaptable for the tablet use.

By Kim Byung-wook, Korea Herald correspondent