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[Best Brand] 100 Classics offers personalized English learning based on books

A promotional poster of 100 Classics. (100 Classics)
A promotional poster of 100 Classics. (100 Classics)
A reading-focused English education program based in South Korea is helping students stay competitive in standardized tests and increase their chances to advance to prestigious institutions.

"100 Classics," an English education brand owned by In Times In, has drawn participation from school-age children from South Korea, the US and Japan, to engage in a special program that uses English-based discussions to nurture students as globally competitive talents in today’s society.

Under the lead of highly qualified educators with expertise in literature and education, the program uses books recommended by renowned educational institutions and a writing-intensive workbook developed by 100 Classics’ own research center.

The program focuses on setting a personalized curriculum for each student based on his or her educational status and demands. Divided into 12 levels, the program helps students enjoy educational activities that fit their skill levels with free discussions, quizzes and games.

For students, the program offers an opportunity to develop creativity and critical thinking skills while preparing for standardized English tests like the Secondary School Admission Test, the Test of English as a Foreign Language and the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

100 Classics has consistently produced batches of high scorers in TOEFL, SSAT and SAT as well as acceptance to prestigious boarding schools like the Fay School and St. Paul’s School.
100 Classics CEO Lee Yong-hoon
100 Classics CEO Lee Yong-hoon
Additional award opportunities and add-on activities also boost children’s enjoyment in the program.

On top of certifying completion of books and offering certificates of completion, 100 Classics provides students with opportunities to participate in journalism activities, take part in contests and enjoy Halloween and Christmas festivities.

"The common background of high-achieving students, socially respected figures and CEOs of global companies is rigorous reading," a 100 Classics official said in a statement.

“We hope this program is the best present for parents to give their children living in the global age of the 'fourth industrial revolution.'"

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