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KRX provides remote learning program for foreign institutions


The Korea Exchange (KRX) said Tuesday it has started providing remote learning program to facilitate untact -- non-face-to-face contact -- services for foreign institutions in the wake of the prolonged coronavirus outbreak.

The nation’s sole stock market operator used to offer offline education programs to offshore institutions such as stock exchanges, supervisory authorities and financial companies, but it has now launched online services by providing video clips on its official English website.

By watching the videos, overseas institutions can get information on the KRX and the domestic capital market. The clips also introduce key statistics about stock and derivative markets, such as global business and IT solutions.

The market operator is also set to offer video conferencing in English on the themes of the current status and regulatory framework about derivatives and small and medium-sized enterprise markets.

“We anticipate the remote learning program will raise foreign institutions’ interest in Korean securities and derivative markets and regulations. Further, we hope to facilitate untact networking among the institutions,” the KRX said in a statement.

By Jie Ye-eun (