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[팟캐스트] (327) 수능 응시인원 역대 최저 / 음주단속 연말까지

진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Koreans sit for national college entrance exam

기사요약: 응시자가 역대 최저였던 수능 스트레이트 기사.

[1] Nearly half a million people sat for the annual state-administered college entrance exam Thursday, with the number of test-takers marking an all-time low. 

*nearly: 거의
*sit for an exam: 시험을 치르다
*administer: 주관하다
*test-takers: 시험 응시자
*an all-time low/high: 사상 최저/최고치

[2] The College Scholastic Aptitude Test, locally known as Suneung, began at 1,185 exam venues across the country at 8:40 a.m. and ended at 5:40 p.m. Some 482,000 people had sat for the exam for academic year 2020 as of 2:20 p.m. A total of some 549,000 people applied to take the nine-hour back-to-back exams, down some 46,000 from the previous year.

*venue: (특정 행사 등이 진행되는) 장소
*across the country: 전국에 걸쳐
*academic year: 학년도
*back-to-back: 연이어 이어지는

[3] The Suneung, which has been held only once a year since 1993, covers five subjects, including Korean, math and English.

*subjects: 과목

[4] The level of difficulty for this year’s Suneung was in line with the high school curriculum -- easy enough for students who faithfully attended classes, said Shim Bong-seop, head of the exam committee.

*difficulty: 난이도
*in line with: -에 따라
*curriculum: 교과 과정
*faithfully: 열심히, 최선을 다해
*attend classes: 수업을 듣다

[5] This year’s test results are scheduled to be released on Dec. 4.

*be scheduled to: -할 예정이다
*release: 발표하다, 공개하다

[6] Two students were expelled from the exam, for submitting the exam answer sheet late and having a laptop, respectively. Electronic devices are not allowed inside the exam venues. Airplane landings and takeoffs were banned from 1:05-1:40 p.m. during the English listening test portion of the exam.

*expel: 쫓아내다
*answer sheet: 답안지
*electronic devices: 전자 기기
*landing: 착륙
*takeoff: 이륙


2. Police bust 10,000 drunk drivers in 50-day crackdown

기사요약: 제2 윤창호법 시행으로 음주운전에 대한 처벌이 강화되었음에도 불구하고 50일 단속기간 동안 1만건의 음주운전이 적발됐다.

[1] More than 10,000 people were caught driving under the influence of alcohol during a 50-day nationwide crackdown on reckless driving, the National Police Agency said Sunday.

*be caught -ing: -하는 중에 잡히다
*driving under the influence of alcohol/driving while intoxicated: 음주운전
*nationwide: 전국적인
*crackdown/clampdown on: -에 대한 단속

[2] During the clampdown between Sep. 9 and Oct. 28, 11,275 people were caught for dangerous driving acts, including 10,593 drunk drivers and 662 reckless drivers.

*dangerous driving acts: 위험운전행위
*reckless driver: 난폭운전자

[3] Among those caught, 13 have been arrested with detention, including a driver who had his license revoked in the past for DUI but was again caught at the wheel with a blood alcohol level of 0.105 percent. Those found driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.08 percent have their licenses canceled in South Korea.

*be arrested with detention: 구금되다
*have one's license revoked/canceled: 면허가 정지되다
*caught at the wheel: 운전대를 잡은 상태에서 잡히다
*blood alcohol level: 혈중 알코올 농도

[4] Six others were caught for abetting drunk driving and four for disturbing traffic by driving abnormally slowly.

*abet: 방조하다
*disturb: 어지럽히다
*abnormal: 비정상적인

[5] The authorities will extend the crackdown period until Dec. 27, mobilizing undercover patrol cars and drones, in light of the upcoming year-end season when the number of drunk drivers tends to surge. Repeat offenders caught during the period will be detained and their vehicles will be seized, police added.

*extend: 연장하다
*mobilize: 동원하다
*undercover patrol cars: 일반 차로 위장한 경찰차
*tend to: -하는 경향이 있다
*surge: 오르다
*repeat offenders: 재범자
*seize: 압수하다


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