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[팟캐스트] (313) 사회적 기업 동구밭 / 속초 먹거리


진행자: 임정요, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Donggubat CEO strives for social well-being along with revenue growth

기사요약: 사회적 기업 동구밭의 대표 노순호씨는 프리미엄 비누 회사를 운영하며 월 매출이 4백만원 증가할 때마다 발달장애인 정규직 직원을 한 명씩 추가채용하고 있다. 현재 32인으로 구성된 그의 회사엔 20명의 장애인 정규직 직원이 근무 중이다.

[1] Donggubat CEO Noh Soon-ho, is a millennial business leader who is confident and ambitious about his aspirations to kill two birds with one stone: raise profits and employ people with disabilities to bring about a social change.

*millennial: 1980년대~2000년대 초 출생자
*confident: 자신있다
*ambitious: 야망있다
*aspiration: 포부
*kill two birds with one stone: 일거양득

[2] His social enterprise, founded in 2014, manufactures and sells premium soaps.“I wanted to be referred to as a change-maker before graduating. I thought it was important for me to experience giving my all to a social issue as an undergrad in order for me to not have any regrets in life,” Noh, 28, told The Korea Herald.

*social enterprise: 사회적 기업
*founded: 세우다, 창립하다
*undergrad: 학부생

[3] Among the company’s 32 full-time workers, 20 are disabled. The high percentage of disabled employees stems from Noh’s management principle to hire one full-time disabled worker each time the company increases its monthly sales by 4 million won ($3,304).

*stem from: ~에서 기인하다
*management principle: 경영철학

[4] “The firm started with a goal to offer a place for people with developmental disabilities to work, so we decided to hire (them) in line with the rise in sales,” Noh said. He added the company plans to expand the number of disabled employees to 30 by the end of the year.

*expand: 늘리다, 확장하다


2. Eating my way through Sokcho

기사요약: 한국인이 여름철 관광지로 즐겨 찾는 국내 도시, 속초에 코리아헤럴드 기자가 찾아가 지역 먹거리를 탐험했다.

[1] A bustling port city on the east coast with Seoraksan in the backdrop, Sokcho, a three-hour drive from Seoul, is a much-favored summer destination for South Koreans.

*bustling: 북적이는
*much-favored: 선호되는

[2] Defined by its lively beaches, abundant seafood and vibrant city atmosphere, the city is packed with vacationers in summer. Its recent rise as a surfing destination has led to even more visitors.

*defined by: ~로 정의되다
*lively: 활발한
*vibrant: 활기찬

[3] Though Gangwon Province does not have a thriving culinary scene, Sokcho is still home to various delicacies created with local produce.

*thrive: 번성하다
*culinary: 요식의
*home to A: ~의 고장이다
*delicacy; 별미
*local produce: 현지 작물

[4] Mulhoe, cold raw fish soup, is a highly sought-after specialty of Sokcho. Chilled with ice, the reddish broth stimulates the appetite suppressed by summer heat. It is everything but bitter, being spicy, sweet, briny and salty all at the same time.

*specialty: 명물
*suppressed by: ~로 억제되다