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Tada launches ride-hailing service for corporate customers

South Korean mobility company VCNC said Monday that it was expanding its popular van-sharing business, Tada, by introducing a new ride-hailing service for corporate customers. 

According to the company, the new service, “Tada Business,” is to be available on a trial basis until it officially kicks off in October. Once they register through the Tada app, company executives and staff members can use the Tada service in the same way as other customers, the company said.

To provide a more user-friendly service for corporate customers, VCNC said they came up with a tailored management platform for ride-sharing. It will allow corporate users to streamline the reimbursement process by tracking movement and payment records in real time.


“There has been a consistent demand for Tada to introduce tailored services for corporate entities,” said VCNC chief Park Jae-wook. “In every place where better mobility is needed, we are seeking to provide more convenient, efficient service.”