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KIPO arrests counterfeiters of ‘Song Joong-ki facial masks’

Ten suspects behind the illegal manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit facial masks, which used pictures of actor Song Joong-ki without permission, were arrested on charges of trademark infringement, the Korean Intellectual Property Office said Thursday.

The suspects had distributed more than 6 million sheets of counterfeit facial masks worth 20 billion won ($17.29 million) since April 2017, according to the Special Judicial Police under KIPO. All the products were seized upon their arrest. 


The fake products were copied from local cosmetics brand Forencos’ “7 Days Mask Pack” line, which became popular both in South Korea and overseas after Song started promoting it in 2016.

The products copied the packaging, but did not contain key ingredients included in the original product.

Song is no longer Forencos’ brand ambassador.

By Jung Min-kyung (

cap: (KIPO)