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[팟캐스트] (298) 문대통령 종합 반도체강국 비전 제시 / 블루보틀 커피 한국 상륙

진행자: 김다솔, Paul Kerry

1. South Korea to double down on non-memory chips

기사 요약: 문재인 대통령이 삼성전자 화성사업장에서 열린 시스템 반도체 비전 선포식에서 종합반도체 강국으로의 발전 비전을 제시했다.

* Double down: 더 열심히 하다

South Korea, the world’s top memory chip provider, aims to rise to an unrivaled position in both memory and non-memory semiconductor industry by 2030, President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday as he visited a Samsung facility, unveiling a set of policy measures worth over 1 trillion won ($860 million) to support industry players.

* Unrivaled: 경쟁 상대가 없는, 무적의, 비할 데 없는
* Unveil: 공개하다
* Policy measures: 정책 수단
* Industry players: 업계 종사자 (industry insider, market insider)

“Our goal is clear,” Moon said. “It is to make Korea a general semiconductor powerhouse by expanding its market share to 10 percent in the fabless sector by 2030.”

* Powerhouse: 강국
* Fabless sector: 팹리스 분야 (제조 회사가 자사의 공장을 소유하지 않고 제품기획과 개발에만 집중하는 기업)

The president stressed the government will focus on investing in talent and technology by expanding national research and development resources for the non-memory sector.

* Invest: 투자하다
* Talent: 인재
* Develop resources: 자원 개발

“Samsung has announced its goal of becoming the world’s No.1 non-memory chipmaker by investing 133 trillion won by 2030,” Moon said. “The government applauds Samsung for its grand ambition and will proactively support it.” The president also praised Korean tech giant’s shipments of logic chips produced on the latest 7-nanometer EUV process technology, the first among global foundry businesses.

* Chipmaker: 반도체 제조업자
* Applaud: 박수를 치다, 칭찬하다
* Grand ambition: 원대한 포부, 야망
* Proactively: 상황에 앞서서 주도하는
* Tech giant: 첨단기술 대기업
* Shipment: 수송하다
* Latest: 최근의
* Foundry business: (금속, 유리를 녹여 만드는) 주조, 주물 사업

Timed with the event, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy unveiled a set of policy measures including around 1 trillion won worth financial support for the non-memory sector.

* Timed with: 시간에 맞추어

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2. Blue Bottle to debut in S. Korea this week

기사 요약: 커피 업계의 애플이라고 불리우는 블루보틀 커피가 성수동에 첫 매장을 연다.

Blue Bottle Coffee will officially debut in Seoul later this week, a South Korean affiliate of the upscale US coffee chain operator said Tuesday.  

* Officialy debut: 공식적으로 첫 선을 보이다
* Affiliate: 계열사
* Upscale: 고급진, 혹은 평균 이상의

The new cafe will open in Seoul's eastern Seongsu neighborhood -- a trendy hangout spot where young artists and designers renovated existing buildings into art spaces, fine restaurants and cafes to woo customers -- on Friday, Blue Bottle Coffee Korea, Ltd. said in a press release.

* Hangout spot: 사람들이 어울리는 장소
* Woo: 구애하다 = appeal, attract

The location will house a roastery and a training center for baristas as the California-based company is known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

* House: (집이나 공간에) 들이다, 건물 내에 갖추고 있다
* Dedication: 전념, 헌신
* Craftsmanship: 솜씨

Blue Bottle Korea said it will open a second store in the Samcheong neighborhood, home to traditional villages, artisan workshops and small museums. The exact schedule has not been released.

* home to: ~의 고향, 보금자리
* Artisan workshops: 에술가 장인들의 작업장

The move marks the burgeoning coffee giant's second international launch since it opened its shop in Tokyo in 2015.

* Burgeoning: 급성장, 급증하다

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