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Jeep aims to expand target customer base with full all-new Wrangler lineup

There is no doubt that the Wrangler is the most off-road capable vehicle made by Jeep, the iconic 4-by-4 sport utility vehicle maker with a 70-year history under Fiat Chrysler Automobile group. 

With an aim to expand the customer base of the Wrangler in Korea, Jeep has completed the full all-new Wrangler lineup here, now with six trims that range from the two-door Sports and Rubicon to the four-door Sports, Rubicon, Overland and Rubicon Power Top. 

Jeep's All-new Wrangler (FCA Korea)
Jeep's All-new Wrangler (FCA Korea)

The Italian-American automaker said its Wrangler lineup targets not only off-road drivers, but daily SUV users -- from urban commuters to working moms and retired seniors -- particularly bringing the four-door Overland to the fore. 

“Overland four-door is the most urban-type Wrangler, improved from the popular Sahara model, which features strong off-road driving performance, on-road ride comfort and strengthened safety features such as adaptive cruise control. It is the perfect fit for urban drivers in the city,” said a FCA official. 

Besides the Overland, FCA said two-door models Sports and Rubicon suit off-road enthusiasts, with the models’ improved features including a shortened wheelbase and higher approach angle that make it advantageous for driving off the asphalt.

For the first time as a Jeep vehicle, the Wrangler Power Top four-door has adopted a one-touch soft top cover. Its rear window can be detached, allowing wider open airing. 

With rapidly increasing Wrangler sales in the Korean market since the launch of its first fully changed model in 11 years in August 2018, FCA said it will keep up sales momentum with its versatile lineup.

“In three months since the sixth-generation all-new Wrangler was launched, over 1,000 units have been sold, about three-fold jump from the sales of previous model. This proves that our strategy to appeal to new customer group, besides off-road manias, with different trims has worked,” said FCA Korea CEO Pablo Rosso. 

FCA Korea CEO Pablo Rosso (FCA Korea)
FCA Korea CEO Pablo Rosso (FCA Korea)

As of last year, a total 1,768 Wranglers have sold here, up 24.1 percent from 2017. 

“Based on the customer needs and feedback, we have completed the ultimate all-new Wrangler range, the outcome of our consideration to expand target customer base who has different lifestyles and those who look for special SUVs in Korea bombarded with SUVs,” he added. 

The price for the all-new Wrangler begins from 46.4 million won ($40,800) for the Sports two-door and 49.4 million won for the Sports four-door. The Overland four-door and Rubicon Power Top four-door cost 61.4 million won and 61.9 million won, respectively.

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