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[팟캐스트] (296) 노틀담 화재 / 세월호 재수사 및 처벌 촉구

진행자 : 윤민식, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. As Notre Dame smolders, Macron vows to rebuild

기사요약: 수백년의 역사를 자랑하는 파리의 상징 노틀담 대성당이 화재로 인해 첨탑 등이 소실되는 등 피해를 입었다. 이에 에마뉘엘 마크롱 프랑스 대통령은 재건 의사를 밝혔다.

[1] The raging fire that tore through Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris was under control early Tuesday after the blaze brought its towering spire and roof crashing to the ground, wiping out centuries of priceless heritage central to French culture and history.

* smolder: 그을리다
* vow: 맹세하다, 약조하다 (=pledge)(pledge allegiance to~: ~에 대한 충성을 맹세하다
* cathedral: 성당
* under control: 제어되다 (<-> out of control)
* blaze: 화염
* bring ~ to the ground: 무너뜨리다
* wipe out: 쓸어버리다
* priceless: 값을 매길 수 없을 정도로 귀한 (=invaluable, <-> worthless)
* central to ~: ~의 중심이 되는

[2] French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild the cathedral described as the soul of the nation and expressed relief that "the worst had been avoided" in a blaze that had at one point threatened the entire edifice.

* rebuilt: 재건하다
* described as ~: ~로 불리는 (=depicted as~)
* express relief: 안도를 표하다
* at one point: 어느 시점에선
* edifice: 크고 인상적인 건물

[3] Thousands of Parisians and tourists watched in horror from nearby streets cordoned off by the police as flames engulfed the building and officials tried to save as much as they could of the cathedral's countless treasures, built up over centuries.

* in horror: 공포에 휩싸여 (in shock: 충격에 휩싸여)
* cordoned off: 저지선이 쳐진 (cordone: 저지선, roped off: 밧줄을 치고 출입을 통제하다)
* flames: 화염
* engulf: 집어삽키다
* countless: 셀수 없을 정도로 많은.


2. Sewol victims’ families call for new probe, punishment

기사요약: 세월호 참사 5주기를 앞두고 유족과 시민사회단체 등이 세월호 참사에 책임이 있는 관련자 1차 명단을 공개하고 이들에 대한 수사 및 처벌을 촉구했다. 이번 명단에는 박근혜 전 대통령 등 당시 정부 관계자 13명과 관련 기관 5곳의 이름이 올랐다.

[1] Bereaved families of the victims of the 2014 Sewol ferry disaster on Monday called for a fresh prosecutorial investigation into the event and punishment for those accountable, a day before the fifth anniversary of the disaster.

* probe: 조사 (= investigation. 취조: questioning, interrogation)
* bereaved: 사별한, (bereaved family: 유족)
* prosecutorial investigation: 검찰수사 (police investigation: 경찰수사)
* those accountable: 책임이 있는

[2] Five years after the 6,800-ton ferry sank in waters off the southern coast on April 16, 2014, killing 304 people -- most of whom were high school students on a field trip -- the victims’ families said justice has not yet been served because of attempted cover-ups.

* waters off~: ~앞바다
* field trip: 수학여행
* serve justice: 정의가 이뤄지다
* cover-up: 은폐공작

[3] Holding accountable those who have tried to obscure the truth behind the accident -- including former President Park Geun-hye and then-Justice Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, who is now main opposition Liberty Korea Party’s chairman -- is the only way to make Korean society safer and allow it to move on, they said at a press conference at Gwanghwamun Square.

* hold accountable: ~에게 책임을 묻다
* obscure: 뚜렷하지 않은 (동사) (진실 등을) 흐리게 하다
* then-(직위): 당시의 (직위)였던 인물,
* 공직관련 단어: former/ex-president: 전 대통령, president-elect: 대통령 당선자, ministerial nominee: 장관 후보자
* main opposition party: 제1야당, ruling party: 여당


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