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[팟캐스트] (288) 택시 요금 인상, 5G 오피스


진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. [From the scene] Unchanged taximeters confuse drivers, passengers after implemented rate hike

기사요약: 택시요금 인상에도 불구하고 미터기는 예전 그대로라 혼란을 겪는 택시기사와 시민, 그리고 외국인


[1] Rushing to a business meeting, Kim Ha-min, 34, took a taxi. The fare on the taximeter showed 6,100 won ($5.42), but the driver told him to pay extra money as the fare has been raised.

*rush to: 서둘러 이동하다
*take a taxi/cab: 택시를 잡다
*extra: 추가의

[2] “I don’t remember exactly, but I had to pay some extra 1,000 won,” Kim said. “I couldn’t really check the fare table hung at the front seat, as I was in a hurry, but I’m not sure the calculation was right.”

[3] The basic taxi fare in Seoul has increased from 3,000 won to 3,800 won, as of Saturday 4 a.m., but many taxi drivers and passengers appear to be having difficulties calculating the new fare, as most taximeters have not been updated yet.

*increase: 증가하다
*have difficulties -ing: -하는데 어려움을 겪다
*(original / new) fare: (기존/신규) 요금
*taximeter: 택시미터기

[4] According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, only 80 of 72,000 taxis had updated their meters over the weekend. The rest are set to receive upgraded meters gradually through Feb. 28.

[5] Until the update is completed, taxis are required to hang a new fare table behind the front seat and add an extra charge to the fare on the meter. The table indicates the original fare on the meter, the additional cost and the final price.

*fare on the meter: 미터기에 나오는 요금
*indicate: 보여주다, 나타내다

[6] A taxi driver on Sunday afternoon told The Korea Herald that the calculation process is confusing. Another driver waiting for a passenger in Myeong-dong, a popular tourist shopping spot, said it is hard to explain why he is adding extra money to the original fare to foreign passengers.

*confusing: 헷갈리는, 혼란스러운


2. What 5G office looks like: No more desktops or cables

기사요약: 5G시대 사무공간에 적용되는 최첨단기술 엿보기. 스마트폰으로 효율 극대화


[1] Clocking in for work at Centropolis, a high-rise business building in downtown Seoul, office workers literally have to do nothing other than, well, start working.

*clock in: 도착시간을 기록하다
*literally: 말 그대로

[2] They have no entrance pass for security or card to swipe through a reader. All they need is their smartphones connected to the fifth-generation network. They enter through a door with face recognition and immediately start working at reserved desks after connecting their phones on a docking pad to a cloud computing system. No desktops or heavy desktop computers and cables are needed with the 5G virtual desktop infrastructure system.

*face recognition: 안면인식
*docking pad: 도킹스테이션
*virtual: 가상
*infrastructure: 기반, 인프라

[3] The scene presented by SK Telecom at a press event Wednesday offered a glimpse into what future 5G-powered offices will look like, as the tech-savvy country is scrambling to capitalize on advanced technology to maximize productivity.

*offer a glimpse into: -을 엿보다, -의 일면을 보여주다
*-powered: -을 동력으로 이용하는, -을 기반으로 한
*tech-savvy: 최신 기술에 능통한
*scramble to: -하고자 분주하게 움직이다 (strive to?)
*capitalize on: 이용하다
*maximize: 최대화하다


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