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Philips’ portable ultrasound machine for smart devices arrives in Korea

Dutch health care giant Philips on Tuesday announced the launch of Lumify, a portable, app-based ultrasound solution compatible with Android mobile devices, in South Korea.

According to the company, Lumify delivers data acquired via portable ultrasound transducers to connected Android devices through a mobile app, allowing health care providers to deliver ultrasound scans anywhere, anytime. In short, they would not need to access a cart-based ultrasound system.

Lumify (Philips Korea)
Lumify (Philips Korea)

Philips had originally launched Lumify US in 2015 as the world’s first app-based portable ultrasound solution. The digital health product has belatedly arrived in Korea.

Lumify is the first Philips ultrasound device for pre-hospital use and supports clinical applications including cardiac and abdominal use, according to Philips Korea.

“Philips’ vision for app-based ultrasound is focused on putting high-quality devices in the hands of more professionals to serve more patients in more locations,” said Hwang Kyu-tae, head of the ultrasound business at Philips Korea.

“Lumify is further extending the reach of ultrasound by creating better connections between clinicians and their patients, while continuing to deliver exceptional image quality.”

Lumify solutions include the Lumify app and three transducers -- L12-4, C5-2, and S4-1. Users can download the app from the Google Play store, connect the transducers to their compatible smart device and begin scanning. Data are transferred and stored via cloud technology.

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