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[팟캐스트] (274) DMZ 도로 연결, 유튜버 제이플라 구독자 1천만 돌파


진행자 : 배현정, Paul Kerry

1. Koreas to connect road inside heavily fortified DMZ

기사 요약 : 한반도 긴장 완화 국면 속에서 남북한이 공동 유해 발굴 작업을 진행 중인 DMZ 지역 안에서 65년 만에 처음으로 도로를 연결한다.

[1] The two Koreas will connect a road across the military demarcation line inside the Demilitarized Zone this week to support a joint project to excavate Korean War remains at a notorious battle site, a government source in Seoul said Tuesday.

*demarcation : 경계, 구분
*excavate : 발굴하다, 출토하다
*remains : 유해, 잔해, 유적
*notorious : 악명높은

[2] On Thursday, the two sides will connect the road at Arrowhead Ridge, or Hill 281, in Cheorwon, 90 kilometers northeast of Seoul -- a site that they have designated for the project to retrieve war remains from April to October next year. The ridge was a site of fierce battles during the 1950-53 Cold War conflict.

*designate : 지정하다
*retrieve : 회수하다
*fierce : 격렬한

[4] It will be the first time the Koreas have made such a road inside the heavily fortified DMZ since the armistice was signed to halt the Korean War.

*fortified : 강화된
*armistice : 휴전
*halt : 중단시키다

[4] "It will be an unpaved tactical road running through the DMZ," the source said on condition of anonymity. "The road will be up to 12 meters wide."

기사 전문:

2. J.Fla becomes first Korean YouTuber to reach 10m subscribers

기사 요약 : 유명 팝송 커버로 알려진 인기 유튜버 제이플라가 국내 개인 유튜버 중 처음으로 구독자 수 1천만을 돌파했다.

[1] YouTube sensation J.Fla, famous for her covers of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” has become the first independent Korean YouTuber to attract 10 million subscribers.

*sensation : 선풍적인, 돌풍을 불러일으키는 사람
*cover : 덮개, 표지, 엄호, 대행, (노래의 경우) 유명곡을 따라부르는 것
*independent : 독립적인, 무소속의
*subscriber : 구독자

[2] “J.Fla is the first individual Korean YouTuber to surpass 10 million subscribers,” J.Fla’s agency Feel Music said Tuesday.

*surpass : 초과하다

[3] The singer, also known as her Korean name Kim Jung-hwa, wrote “10,000,000 subscribers! It’s incredible! I didn’t expect this to happen so soon.” on her Twitter account on Friday and thanked her subscribers for helping her reach the milestone.

*incredible : 믿을 수 없는, 놀라운
*milestone : 획기적인 단계, 대기

[4] After surpassing 5 million subscribers in November 2017, she claimed the title of most subscribed independent Korean YouTuber from guitarist Jung Sung-ha on March 15.

*claim the title of~ : ~의 자격을 획득하다

[5] Debuting as a singer in 2013 with her EP “Stupid Story,” J.Fla rose to stardom by uploading covers of pop artists. She released cover album “Believer” in September, featuring covers of Ariana Grande and Imagine Dragons.

*debut : 데뷔하다, 첫 출연하다
*rise to stardom : 스타가 되다, 유명세를 얻다

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