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Korean Air passenger probed for shouting, throwing food

A man has been questioned by police for causing a disturbance on a flight bound for Incheon.

The man, who is from Russia and in his 50s, is accused of shouting and throwing the tray of an in-flight meal, Incheon International Airport Police said Thursday. He is also accused of forcefully pushing one of the flight attendants serving the meals.

The man was on board a Korean Air plane departing from Phuket, Thailand. He was scheduled to return home via Vladivostok International Airport after transferring at Incheon International Airport.


According to an official from Korean Air, the man “threw his tray toward the meal cart in the aisle after finishing his food and shouted at other passengers.” Leftover food and trash flew at other passengers, the official said.

The Russian man said that he got into an argument with his wife who gave him food after he had already finished his meal, during questioning by the police. He denied allegations that he had pushed a flight attendant.

The man was released after questioning. His case will be sent to the prosecutors’ office after questioning other passengers who witnessed the scene, according to the police.

By Cho Yun-myung (