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[팟캐스트] (243) 대한항공 조현민 ‘물세례 갑질’, 홍대입구역 ‘몰카’ 심각


진행자: 임정요, Anita McKay

1. 대한항공 조현민 ‘물세례’ 스캔들

기사요약: 한진그룹의 둘째 딸 조현민 (35) 대한항공 전무가 기업 임직원을 대상으로 ‘갑질’을 일삼았던 정황이 포착되며 검찰이 수사에 착수했다. 18일 경찰은 조 전무를 출국정지시켰고, 조만간 소환해 조사할 예정임을 밝혔다. 논란이 불거지며 한진그룹 상장사 시가총액이 3,200억원어치 가량 ‘증발’ 하기도 했다. 팟캐스트에서 다뤄진 기사는 논란이 터진 즉후 베트남에서 급히 귀국한 조 전무의 행적을 적었다.

Korean Air heiress returns home to barrage of criticisms, probe for violence

[1] Cho Hyun-min, the second daughter of the chairman of Korean Air Lines, returned to South Korea on Sunday in the face of mounting controversy over the allegation that she assaulted a manager of a local advertising firm by throwing water at his face.

*in the face of: ~에 직면하여
*mounting controversy: 커져가는 논란
*assault: 공격하다
*throw ~at: ~에 던지다 (hurl)

[2] At the airport, the 35-year-old Korean Air heiress apologized for her “foolish behavior.” She said she had not thrown water at the face of the ad agency employee, but admitted to pushing him.

*heiress: 여자 상속인
*foolish behavior: 어리석은 행동

[3] Cho is the sister of Cho Hyun-ah, who was jailed in 2014 over the infamous “nut rage” incident in which she ordered a taxiing aircraft back to the gate in New York because she was dissatisfied with the way a flight attendant had served her macadamia nuts in a first-class cabin.

*infamous: 악명높은
*nut rage: 직역하면 ‘땅콩 분노’로, 땅콩회항 사건을 외신이 다룰 때 이용한 표현
*taxi: (이륙 직전・착륙 직후에) 천천히 달리다, 이동하다
*first-class cabin: 1등석


2. 홍대입구역 ‘몰카’ 심각

기사요약: 공중화장실에 설치된 ‘몰래카메라’ 피해 사례가 홍대입구역 화장실에서 가장 빈번히 적발된 것으로 드러났다. 젊은이들이 자주 찾는 일대 홍대입구역 화장실에선 지난해 83건의 몰래카메라가 발견됐다. 이 외에도 고속버스터미널역에서 51건, 강남역과 서울역에서 각각 45건씩 몰래카메라가 발견됐고, 신도림, 사당, 대림, 서울대입구, 역삼역에서도 몰래카메라가 나왔다.

Hongik Univ. Station most prone to hidden camera crimes: statistics

[1] Hongik University Station on Line No. 2 had the greatest number of hidden camera crimes reported, followed by Express Bus Terminal Station and Gangnam Station, a local subway operator said Tuesday.

*hidden camera: 몰래카메라
*followed by: ~가 뒤를 잇다. 2위, 3위를 나타낼 때 주로 사용

[2] According to Seoul Metro, 83 cases of hidden camera crimes -- secretly installed cameras or photos taken without permission -- were reported from Hongik University Station to the subway squad of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency last year. It is the second time the station has topped the list that is compiled from all stations on subway Line Nos. 1 to 8. In 2016, 94 cases were reported at Hongik University Station.

*secretly installed camera: 몰래카메라
*photos taken without permission: 허락없이 찍은 사진
*subway squad: 지하철 경찰대
*top the list: 목록에서 1위를 차지하다

[3] Seoul Metro said it has 50 female security guards on duty three days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to regularly check the 255 subway stations in Seoul.

“Separate from the subway police squad, we also have 295 subway security guards to protect passengers from possible crimes. And we also show a sex crime prevention video 40 times a day on screens inside the stations,” a Seoul Metro official said.

*regularly: 주기적으로
*passengers: 승객
*possible: 가능한 /probable: 있을 거 같은 /potential: 잠재적인
*prevention: 예방


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