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Scream detection devices fraught with false alarms: police

Scream detection systems installed in public bathrooms have given off more false alarms than actual emergency reports, according to local police.

North Chungcheong Provincial Police said Sunday that most cases reported by scream detection systems in public bathrooms of local parks were not related to actual dangers.

Out of 153 cases reported from March through April 13, 85.6 percent (131 cases) involved loud noises, often caused by drunk people, that were detected as abnormal sounds by scream detection systems. Only one case was a genuine call for help.


Scream detection systems automatically contact local police or relevant personnel upon detecting a scream or other abnormal sounds.

The systems are mostly installed in women’s bathrooms to help prevent crimes targeting women and allow a rapid response to them, according to police.

By Cho Yun-myung (