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[팟캐스트](238) 북미 비핵화 '관점차이', 카카오택시 유료호출 서비스


진행자: 원호정, Paul Kerry

1. 북미 정상회담 앞두고 '비핵화' 정의 혼란

기사요약: 도널드 트럼프 미국 대통령과 김정은 북한 노동당 위원장이 5월에 회담을 앞두고 있는 가운데 '비핵화'에 대한 다른 정의가 걸림돌이 될 수 있다는 우려가 나오고 있다.

Major hurdle for NK-US talks: how each country defines denuclearization

[1] US President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to sit down  with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by May for talks to denuclearize  the Korean Peninsula, but their different understandings of  “denuclearization” stand as a major stumbling block to the possibly  history-making talks.

* accept an invitation: 초대를 받아들이다 (-> extend an invitation)
* sit down: 논의하다 (sitdown 명사형)
* stumbling block: 장애물
* make history: 역사를 만들다 (history-making, historic 형용사형)

[2] Despite growing hopes that the breakthrough between North Korea  and the US could tackle the nuclear standoff, skepticism also lingers  over whether the summit between Trump and Kim can be held and if so  whether it could be successful.

* breakthrough: 돌파구
* standoff: 교착상태 (deadlock, gridlock, stalemate)
* skepticism: 회의 (skeptical 형용사, skeptic 명사)
* and if so: 그리고 그렇다면
* linger: 남아있다

[3] The US has been clear about its version of denuclearization. It  wants North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs in a  complete, verifiable and irreversible way -- not just freezing the  development of its nuclear and missile programs.

* version: 버젼, 판, 형태
* dismantle: 해체하다
* verifiable: 확인 가능한 (verify 동사)
* irreversible: 되돌릴 수 없는 (reverse 동사)
* freeze: 중단하다, 정지시키다, 동결하다 (assets, interest rates)

[4] But to North Korea, it could mean less than that. It might define  denuclearization as a long-term goal that would only be achieved in  return for concessions from the US -- such as withdrawing troops from  South Korea and ending the US-South Korean military alliance.

* define: 정의하다
* in return for: ~의 대가로, ~와 맞바꾸어 (in exchange for)
* concessions: 양보 (concede 동사, concession speech 승복연설)

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2. 카카오택시, 유료옵션으로 수익성 창출 고려

기사요약: 카카오택시가 '우선호출'과 '즉시배차'등 유료옵션을 도입해 더욱 효율적으로 승객과 택시를 연결시켜주고 수익을 창출하겠다는 계획을 밝혔다.

Kakao Taxi seeks monetization with addition of paid taxi-hailing  options

[1] Kakao Taxi, South Korea’s most widely used taxi-hailing mobile  app, is introducing a “paid option” that lets users call up taxis  faster or immediately by paying an extra fee on top of the ride fare.

* most widely~ : 가장 널리~ (most widely known)
* hail: (택시를) 부르다
* fare: 요금 (교통)

[2] The move marks Kakao’s first attempt to monetize Kakao Taxi,  which, despite amassing a large user base over the years, has yet to  find a concrete business model for generating stable profits.

* monetize: 돈을 벌게 하다
* amass: 모으다 (돈 관련)
* concrete: 확실한, 실체 있는

[3] A priority call option leverages artificial intelligence  algorithms to direct a particular call request to taxis that are most  likely accept that call. Kakao’s AI engine analyzes the previous  call acceptance habits of taxi drivers, combined with factors like  the time of day and traffic, to find the best match.

* leverage: 사용하다 (영향력을 이용하다)
* direct: 보내다
* analyze: 분석하다
* habit: 습관

[4] On the other hand, the immediate dispatch option allows paying  users to be immediately matched with an available taxi nearby. It  would be the fastest and most certain way of ensuring a ride match.

* on the other hand: 반면에
* dispatch: 보내다, 파견하다
* ensure: 확실하게 하다

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