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Kim Yong-hwa likely to team up with Stan Lee's production company for ‘Prodigal’

Korean film director Kim Yong-hwa will likely team up with POW! Entertainment, cofounded by legendary comic book writer and Marvel Universe creator Stan Lee, for his first Hollywood feature. 

Kim is in final discussions on helming “Prodigal,” a superhero film about fatherhood, set to be produced by POW! Entertainment, Luka Productions and Korean visual effects company Dexter Studios.

A launching show for the film was held at Los Angeles Comic Con Sunday.

The script for “Prodigal” has been written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, writers who have participated in Marvel blockbusters such as “Spiderman 2” and “Iron Man.”

Kim Yong-hwa (left) and Stan Lee at the Los Angeles Comic Con Sunday (Dexter Studios)
Kim Yong-hwa (left) and Stan Lee at the Los Angeles Comic Con Sunday (Dexter Studios)

Hollywood producers were “moved by the insight into humanity (director Kim) has shown in his previous works,” Dexter Studios said through a statement Monday. “After watching a clip of ‘Along With the Gods,’ (the producers) became certain that Kim’s worldview and technique could complete ‘Prodigal.’”

A promotional image of “Prodigal” (Dexter Studios)
A promotional image of “Prodigal” (Dexter Studios)

Kim’s previous works include the 2009 hit sports drama “Take Off” and 2013’s “Mr. Go.” His upcoming film “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” was sold to some 12 countries at the Asia Film Market, which took place Oct. 14-17 in Busan.

The film, set to hit local theaters on Dec. 20, tells the story of about 49 days in the afterlife, passing through the seven gates of hell.

“Prodigal” is set for release in summer 2019.

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