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Art project seeks to recreate Korean colors in modern context

The digital beauty and fashion magazine 0/1 Creative Book released Monday its new photo series “The Power of Korea’s Special Colors” themed on blue and red threads.

Blue and red are considered to be the most Korean colors and they are embedded in Korean people’s lives and culture. The photos depicted the charm of Korea with threads that represent the two colors.

The photos are part of the magazine’s long-term project themed “A Splash of Old and New,” which aims to reinterpret and recreate the unique characteristics of Koreans in collaboration with the major model agency YG K Plus. 

(O/1 Creative Book)
(O/1 Creative Book)
“The Power of Korea’s Special Colors” was the sixth topic for the theme.

The next photos will be on the divided country and four ceremonial occasions in Korean culture -- coming of age, weddings, funerals and ancestral rites, the magazine said.

The magazine aims to release three art books and hold an exhibition on “A Splash of Old and New” by the end of the year. 

(O/1 Creative Book)
(O/1 Creative Book)
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