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[팟캐스트](199) 탈북민 ‘대북송금’ 사기 피해 늘어난다, 소방공무원


진행자: 박세환, Paul Kerry

1. 탈북민 ‘대북송금’ 사기 피해 늘어난다

기사요약: ‘탈북민 3만명 시대’에 대북송금 브로커들로 인해 피해를 입는 이들이 늘어나고 있다. 북한에 남겨진 가족에게 송금을 하려는 탈북민들 중 일부가 브로커 사기로 인해 송금액 전체를 날리거나 상당수를 수수료 등의 명목으로 빼앗기는 등 피해 대책 마련이 시급해 보인다.

Defectors struggle to feed families in North.

[1] A few months after fleeing her destitute homeland for a more decent life south of the border, Park received a tempting offer from a fellow defector: She could transfer money to her family in the North for a commission fee.

*flee: 도망가다
*homeland: 고향
*tempting offer: 솔깃한 제안
*transfer: 송금하다
*commission fee: 수수료

[2] Haunted by memories of her three starved children and old mother living in Hyesan in the country’s far north Ryanggang Province, the 44-year-old defector eagerly handed over 20 million won ($17,900) to a broker — only to find out a month later not a single penny had reached her family.

*haunted: 걱정이 가득한
*starved: 굶주린
*hand over: 건내주다

[3] “It was all of my savings,” said Park, who arrived here several years ago and agreed to speak to The Korea Herald on condition her full name not be published.

*savings: 모아둔 돈
*agree to: 동의하다
*on condition: ~한 조건으로

[4] “I had spent months to find this guy, but to no avail. It is just outrageous to think that other defectors like me would easily fall prey to this kind of fraud, getting their savings wiped out.”

*to no avail: 헛되이
*outrageous: 화가 치밀어 오르는
*fall prey to: 희생양이 되다
*fraud: 사기
*wipe out: ~을 완전히 없애버리다

[5] In line with an influx of North Koreans here, the tally of their remittances is expected to rise. As of March 2017, a total of 30,490 from North Korea have resettled in the South, according to the Ministry of Unification.

*in line with: ~와 함께, with
*influx: 유입
*tally: amount
*remittance: 송금액

[6] No official data on their remittances is available, however, given a government ban on South Koreans wiring money to the North. The brokers sneak the funds in through acquaintances, which is also illegal in China.

*ban: 금지
*sneak: 몰래 가져가다


2. 소방공무원 처우개선에 대한 기대 높아져

기사요약: 문재인 대통령이 소방공무원들의 인력충원을 약속하면서 이들의 처우 개선에 대한 기대가 높아지고 있다. 우리나라 소방공무원들은 업무에 비해서 턱없이 부족한 인력과 예산, 장비 등으로 인해 고충이 상당하다.

Firefighters hope for change

[1] From natural disasters or ducklings trying to cross an expressway to locked doors at home, firefighters are being called to handle just about every “emergency” one can imagine.

*From A to B: A에서 B까지
*duckling: 오리새끼
*handle: 다루다, 처리하다

[2] These everyday heroes, however, have long been among the groups most neglected by policymakers in South Korea.

*neglect: 방치하다, 도외시하다

[3] Career firefighters, despite facing life-threatening dangers in the line of duty, have suffered a chronic shortage of manpower, budget and, perhaps most importantly, a collective sense of being valued.

*life-threatening: 목숨을 위협하는
*suffer: (안 좋은 것을) 겪다
*chronic shortage: 만성적인 부족

[4] But finally, a change may be coming. 

President Moon Jae-in, who during his election campaign vowed to empower and improve working conditions of them, is seeking to establish an independent agency for the national and provincial fire service. It is currently under the Ministry of Public Safety and Security.

*vow to: 약속하다
*empower: 권한을 주다
*working conditions: 업무환경

Simultaneously, the new administration is seeking to hire 1,500 new firefighters this year, along with policemen, teachers and social workers. 

*hire: 고용하다
*along with: ~와 함께


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