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Scientists develop anti-counterfeit film

A state-funded chemical institute said Monday that it has developed a new anti-counterfeit film that changes color when it comes in contact with a person's breath, a finding that can be applied to various products like cigarettes and cosmetics.

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology said it has successfully developed a transparent film which shows different colors such as blue and red if it has been breathed upon.

(Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
(Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)

If companies use this film for packaging, consumers will be able to easily tell if the product they are buying is authentic or not.

As of now, consumers rely on seals or hologram stickers, which are more easily replicated, to determine the authenticity of a product.

It said the film can be made to remain transparent with the humidity level of 45 percent while showing up blue with 80 percent and red with 90 percent, the KRICT said.

"This technology will be able to provide a solution to prevent illegal trade of counterfeits when combined with other related technologies," said Park Jong-mok, a lead researcher, adding that the technology is forecast to be commercialized in three years.

The research was funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. The institute said it has acquired three patents in South Korea. (Yonhap)

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