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Father tried to cover up son’s abuse until death

A 46-year-old man was arrested for the domestic abuse of his 77-year-old father which resulted in the father’s death two days after the violence, Gyeonggi Namyangju Police said Wednesday.

Prior to his death, the victim had denied any assault by his son and refused to be hospitalized on the day he was reportedly beaten. 


According to the victim’s grandson, the victim had suffered beatings on July 9. He passed away two days later.

The victim’s grandson, a high school student, told the police that his father was an alcoholic and that his grandfather had told him that he had been hit by the accused.

The police had come to the house for an inspection on the day of the abuse report whereupon they suggested the victim go to a hospital.

However, the victim did not acknowledge that his son had hit him and did not go to a hospital.

He passed away two days later with bruises and scars found on his body.

A postmortem examination revealed a broken rib had damaged the victim’s lung.

The accused is denying the charges, but told the police “he had pushed his father once” apparently because the deceased had smoked inside his room in the presence of his sick wife, the mother of the accused.

The police booked the man as a suspect of assault on his parent.

The accused lived with his mother, a terminal cancer patient, and his grandmother, who is in her 90s. He has no job and got help from his siblings and a government subsidy.

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