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E-sens attacks Gaeko, former agency with version of ‘Control’

By 윤민식

Published : Aug. 23, 2013 - 18:47

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Rapper E-sens on Friday bashed his recently-parted agency Amoeba Culture and Gaeko of Dynamic Duo in a fashion befitting his hip-hop roots: releasing a diss track that sampled rapper Big Sean’s “Control.”

“Amoeba Culture. Kiss my a--. You’ll just go to the press like you always have. You’ll make me look like an ungrateful bastard,” read the lyrics of the 26-year-old rapper’s track “You Can’t Control Me.”

The Control fad was kick-started by American rapper Kendrick Lamar, who called out a number of big name U.S. rappers in his verse.

The so-called “diss tracks,” primarily intended to insult another person or group, are a common trend in the hip-hop genre.

Lamar, however, took it to another level, and many artists in the U.S. and now internationally have responded.

Rapper “Swings” was also among the first South Korean rappers to take part in the Control trend, opening fire on his fellow rappers which included E-sens’ former bandmate Simon Dominic.

E-sens jumped on the bandwagon and took the opportunity to lash out at his former company, whom he had accused of asking him for 1 billion won ($890,500).

E-sens, whose real name is Kang Min-ho, said in his song that the company “cuts off my legs and gives me crutches, saying it’s thanks to them I’m walking,” in an apparent jab at some management agencies over-controlling their stars.

The rapper also seemed to resent the frequent TV appearances he had to go through during his stint with Amoeba Culture.

“All the make-up that covered up my face, it took at least two years to wash it off.”

While widely-known as a hardcore rapper during his time as an underground performer, he often appeared on TV shows as a member of public-friendly group Supreme Team.

E-sens devoted another chunk of his song to breathlessly bashing another well-known rapper Gaeko, who he accused of “abusing his respect.”

“Pretending to be the nice guy, f--- that. Be honest, you’re the most dirty one,” E-sens rapped, urging him “not to back down.”

Neither Gaeko or Amoeba Culture has yet to respond to the rapper’s outburst as of Friday afternoon. Many hip-hop fans said they wanted Gaeko, a member of one of the most popular hip-hop duos in the country, to unveil his own version of Control.

Until recently, E-sens performed as a member of a hip-hop duo Supreme Team which had formed in 2007 with Simon Dominic. The group gained popularity with hits like “Wae (Why)” and “Dang, Dang, Dang,” but broke off last month after Amoeba Culture terminated its deals with E-sens.

By Yoon Min-sik