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‘CJ 뇌물수수 의혹’ 전군표 전 국세청장 출국 금지 조치

By KH디지털2

Published : July 29, 2013 - 18:18

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CJ그룹의 세무조사 무마로비 의혹을 수사 중인 검찰이 월요일 전군표 전 국세청장에 대한 출국 금지 조치를 취했다.

2006년 7월부터 2007년 11월까지 국세청장을 역임한 전 전 청장은 CJ의 국세청 조사를 무마해주는 대가로 이재현 CJ회장으로부터 돈과 고가의 시계를 받은 것으로 알려졌다.

검찰은 이 회장과 CJ 관계자들로부터 세무조사 무마를 위해 전 전 청장과 허병익 전 국세청 차장에게 금품을 전달했다는 증언을 확보했다. 조만간 전 전 청장을 소환해 뇌물을 받은 명목에 대해 조사할 방침이다. 2006년 서울지방국세청은 CJ그룹의 3500억원이 넘는 세금을 부과할 수 있었지만 그 해 한푼도 추징하지 않은 것으로 알려졌다.

현재 비자금 수사 중에 있는 이 회장은 횡령, 탈세 등 혐의로 구속된 상태다. 신동기 CJ 글로벌홀딩스 부사장도 이 회장과 비슷한 혐의로 기소됐다. 신 부사장은 이 회장의 비자금을 관리한것이 아니냐는 의혹을 받고 있다. 

신 부사장은 서울 시내에 있는 사무실에서 허 전 차장에게 30만 달러가 든 가방을 전해줬다고 했다. 그 후 이 회장과 신부사장, 전 전 청장과 허 전 차장이 서울의 한 호텔에서 만났고, 허 전 차장이 명품시계를 받은 것으로 알려졌다.  

허 전 차장은 돈을 받기는 했지만 자신은 전 전 청장에게 전달 했을 뿐이라고 주장했다.

이에 전 전 청장은 “허씨가 뇌물을 전달한 것이면 왜 본인이 구속됐겠나”라며 허씨의 뇌물상납 진술에 황당해했다.

전 전 청장은 관련 의혹을 전면 부인중이다. 

(영문기사: 최희석 코리아헤럴드 기자, 번역: 임우정 인턴기자)


CJ Group bribery probe expands, former NTS chief banned from travel

By Choi He-suk

Prosecutors said Monday they banned former National Tax Service Commissioner Jeon Goon-pyo from leaving the country pending an investigation into allegations that he received bribes from CJ Group.

Jeon, who served as the NTS chief from July 2006 to Nov. 2007, is alleged to have received illegal money and a high-end watch from CJ Group chairman Lee Jay-hyun in return for shielding the group from tax inspections.

The prosecutors investigating the case are said to have obtained testimony from Lee and other CJ officials that Jeon and former NTS deputy chief Hur Byung-ik were bribed to avoid audits.

Jeon is expected to be summoned soon.

In 2006, the Seoul branch of the NTS is said to have secured evidence to collect taxes in excess of 350 billion won ($315 million) from the group. However, no additional taxes were levied on the conglomerate in that year.

Lee is currently under detention on multiple charges, including embezzlement and tax evasion, the evidence for which emerged during the investigation into his slush funds.

Along with Lee, CJ Global Holdings vice president Shin Dong-ki has been indicted on similar charges. Shin is also suspected of having managed Lee’s slush funds.

Acting on orders from Lee to bribe tax officials, Shin sought out Hur in 2006. Hur is said to have close ties with Jeon as the two are of the same age and both come from Gangneung in Gangwon Province.

The prosecution, however, suspects that Hur took the initiative in demanding money from the group, saying that money was required for the confirmation hearing for the NTS chief’s post in that year.

Shin is reported to have told the investigators that he gave Hur a black bag containing $300,000 at his office in central Seoul. Soon after, the two CJ Group executives and the two former NTS officials are alleged to have met at a hotel in Seoul, where Hur was given two luxury watches as an inauguration gift for Jeon.

Hur has admitted to being involved in the process, but is denying that he received any money or gifts for himself.

Speaking at the court hearing for his detention, Hur said that he did receive the money from CJ Group officials but that he handed it over to Jeon in full without even looking inside the bag. Regarding the gift, Hur claims that he was only given one watch, which he delivered to Jeon.

Jeon is reported to have denied all allegations, calling them “absurd.”

 “If Hur delivered anything (to Jeon) why would he have been detained, (Hur’s claims) seem to lack credibility,” an unnamed close associate of Jeon was quoted as saying by a local news agency.