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[영한대역기사] 극한 인생

By KH디지털2

Published : June 17, 2013 - 09:45

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As the airplane took off, Hong Hyun-sook, a middle-aged skydiving student, had butterflies in her stomach. She reminded herself of her instructions and checked her equipment over and over again.

Finally, the door opened and she became more nervous. She had brief second thoughts, asking herself, “Why do I do this?”

Moving up to the door to jump, she gave in, telling herself she had no choice. Then she hurled herself into the sky with her eyes clamped shut.

“At that moment, I didn’t think,” Hong recalled. “I didn’t remember what I was doing or whether I was doing a good job.”

After opening her eyes, the feeling was awesome.

“It was marvelous to be airborne looking down at clouds and the landscape on the ground.”

Her instructor radioed her to get ready for landing. She became restless again but deployed her parachute as she was trained, and landed successfully.

“Phew, I am alive.”


비행기가 이륙하자 중년의 스카이다이빙 학생인 홍현숙씨는 가슴이 두근거렸다. 배운 것을 되새겨보고 장비를 여러 번 점검했다.

마침내 문이 열리자 그녀는 더 초조해졌다. ‘내가 이걸 왜 하지’라고 자문하며 잠깐 다른 생각을 했다.

점프하기 위해 문쪽으로 이동하면서 이젠 어쩔 수 없구나라고 자위하며 상황을 받아들였다. 그리고 눈을 질끈 감고 하늘을 향해 몸을 내던졌다.

그녀는 “그 순간에는 아무 생각도 안났다”며 “내가 뭘 하고 있는지, 잘 했는지 기억도 안난다”고 회상했다.

눈을 뜨니 기분이 최고였다.

“하늘을 날면서 발 아래 구름과 지상의 경관을 보는 게 너무 경이로웠다”

교관이 랜딩을 준비하라고 무전을 주었다. 그녀는 또 긴장됐지만 훈련받은 대로 낙하산을 펼쳤고 성공적으로 착지했다.

“아, 살았다”

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