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13 wounded in Arizona nightclub shooting


Published : March 4, 2012 - 10:20

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Thirteen people were wounded when gunfire erupted during a rap music concert at a nightclub in Tempe in the US state of Arizona, police said early Saturday.

"At this point, Tempe police officers and detectives have identified 13 shooting victims from the incident," Tempe Police Department spokesman Sergeant Steve Carbajal said in a statement.

"Two victims are in serious condition at local hospitals, and none of the victims were fatally injured."

The shots were fired shortly before midnight local time Friday (0700 GMT Saturday) at the popular Clubhouse Music Venue, which entertained the crowd with a rap music concert, Carbajal said.

He said witnesses had reported two black males in dark-colored clothing fleeing the scene on foot after the shooting.

"Those individuals have not been located at this time," Carbajal said.

"Tempe police detectives are currently on scene investigating what led up to the shooting and working on identifying the suspects."

The shooting came just days after a teenager identified as TJ Lane opened fire at a Chardon, Ohio high school, killing three people and wounding two.

Lane allegedly fired 10 shots from a .22-caliber handgun Monday on a group of teenagers in the school cafeteria, hitting some in the head at almost point-blank range while other students ran for their lives.

He then fled the scene, chased by a teacher, before giving himself up to bystanders a short distance away and being apprehended by police.

The deadliest school shooting in the United States was the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech University that left 33 people dead.

The worst high school shooting was in 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado, where two students killed 12 fellow students and a teacher. (AFP)


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애리조나주 나이트클럽 총기난사로 13명 다쳐

미국 애리조나주 템페시의 한 나이트클럽에서 2일 밤(현지시간) 총기난사 사건이 발생해 13명이 부상했다고 현지 경찰이 3일 밝혔다.

템페 경찰서 대변인 스티브 카바얄 경사는 "현재까지 총격으로 인한 부상자는 13 명으로 파악됐으며 2명은 심각한 상태다"라고 말했다.

총기난사 사건이 벌어진 나이트클럽은 랩 뮤직 콘서트 등이 자주 열려 사람들이 많이 몰리는 곳으로 목격자들은 검은 옷차림의 흑인 2명이 걸어서 총기난사 사건 현장에서 도주하는 것을 목격했다고 말했다.