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US marine recounts dream date with Mila Kunis


Published : Nov. 22, 2011 - 12:38

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Mila Kunis (AP) Mila Kunis (AP)
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - A US marine described his dream date with Mila Kunis on Monday, calling the Hollywood star "down to earth" -- and revealing the pair danced to the 1980s hit "(I've had the) Time of My Life."

Sergeant Scott Moore spent Friday night with the 28-year-old actress after she accepted his YouTube invitation to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina.

"It went very well, couldn't have gone better. It was a very good time,"

Moore, who has just returned from seven months in Afghanistan, told CBS television.

"She was very down to earth, eager to learn everything that was going on,"

he added, saying she was interested to learn about the Marine Corps annual celebration, held every November to mark its founding in 1775.

Dressed in full Marine uniform, Moore said there wasn't much dancing during the 4-5 hours he spent with Kunis -- but one of the songs they did step out to was "(I've had) The Time of My Life" from the film "Dirty Dancing."

Asked if he picked her up -- as Patrick Swayze does memorably in the cult

1987 movie -- he replied: "No, this uniform is not as mobile as you might think."

Moore became a YouTube star earlier this year when, stationed in Musa Qala, southern Afghanistan, he posted a video inviting Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball

-- and the "Friends with Benefits" and "Black Swan" star said yes.

A short time later a female Marine, Corporal Kelsey De Santis, invited Justin Timberlake -- Kunis's co-star in "Friends With Benefits" -- to her Marine Corps Ball on November 12 in Washington DC, which he also accepted.

Moore was clearly still reeling from his weekend date with Kunis.

"We promised to keep in touch, so we'll see," he said. Asked if he had her phone number, he said: "I do not."



여배우와 데이트 美 해병 "더없이 좋아"

지난 7월 세계적 동영상 사이트인 유튜브에서  할 리우드 여배우 밀라 쿠니스(28)에게 데이트를 신청해 승낙을 얻어냈던 해병대  하사 관이 지난 주말 쿠니스와 꿈 같은 시간을 보냈다.

스캇 무어 하사관은 아프가니스탄에서 7개월간 주둔을 마치고 고국으로 돌아와 지난 18일(현지시간) 노스캐롤라이나주 그린빌에서 열린 해병대 창군기념  무도회에 서 쿠니스와 함께 참가했다. 

무어 하사관은 21일 해병 군복을 갖춰 입고 CBS 방송과 한 인터뷰에서 이번  데 이트에 대해 "그녀가 매우 진솔했다"며 "더할 나위 없이 좋은 시간을 보냈다"고  소 감을 밝혔다.

그는 자신과 5시간 동안 함께 한 쿠니스가 "행사에 큰 관심을 보이며  참가자들 과 함께하려는 의지를 보였다"고 칭찬했다. 무도회는 1775년 창설된 해병대 행사 중 가장 중요한 행사 중 하나다.

그는 쿠니스와 1980년대 댄스 영화 '더티 댄싱'(Dirty Dancing)의 삽입곡인 '더 타임 오브 마이 라이프'(The Time of My Life)에 맞춰 춤을 췄다고 전했다.

영화의 남녀 주인공처럼 쿠니스를 들어 올렸느냐는 질문에 그는 "보다시피 이 군복이 움직이기 쉽지 않아 그러지 못했다"고 아쉬워했다.

그는 쿠니스의 전화번호를 알지는 못하지만 "서로 연락하기로 했으니 또 볼 것" 이라고 기대했다.