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Published : Oct. 28, 2011 - 19:15

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The King of Pigs (Korea)

Opening Nov.3

Thriller/Drama. Directed by Yeun Sang-ho. Kyung-min, a 30-something CEO impulsively kills his wife after his business goes bankrupt. He seeks out his long-lost friend Jong-suk, whom he was close with in middle school. The two meet up and talk about their middle school days where both of them were severely bullied by their classmates. At the time, they became friends with Chul, an outsider who helped them avoid abuse from the class bullies. Chul had planned a gruesome revenge against those who hurt him, changing the lives of the three young boys forever.

Restless (U.S.)

Opened Oct. 27

Drama. Directed by Gus Van Sant. Young boy Enoch (Henry Hopper), who dropped out of school after his parents’ untimely deaths, only hangs out with his imaginary friend Hiroshi (Ryo Kase), while spending most of his time attending strangers’ funerals. Things change when he falls for Annabel (Mia Wasikowska), a boyish girl with a pixie haircut. But he discovers that she is a terminally ill cancer patient with three months to live.

Punch (Korea)

Opened Oct. 20

Drama. Directed by Lee Han. Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah-in), an impoverished high school student who lives alone with his father and uncle, knows nothing but how to fight. He has nothing to lose, and has no aspirations or dreams for the future. His only wish is to somehow live without his nosy teacher Dong-joo (Kim Yoon-seok), who gives him too much unwanted attention. Without even asking Wan-deuk, Dong-joo would visit his place out of the blue and have drinks with his father and uncle, and embarrass him in front of his classmates by revealing his family history. Wan-deuk even thinks of running away from home to avoid Dong-joo, when the teacher suggests he look for his long-lost birth mother.

The Four Times (Italy, Switzerland, Germany)

Opened Oct. 20

Drama. Directed by Michelangelo Frammartino. An old shepherd lives alone with his goats in a remote village perched on the hills of Calabria, in the southernmost region of Italy. The weary old man gets sick one day, and believes the only medicine that can save his life is the dust on the church floor. He mixes the gathered dust with fresh goat milk, and drinks it every night.

Friends with Benefits (U.S.)

Opened Oct. 27

Romance. Comedy. Directed by Will Gluck. Dylan (Justin Timberlake) an art director who works for a small internet company in L.A., gets a job offer from GQ in New York. He gets the offer through Jamie (Mila Kunis), an executive recruiter for a leading job agency in New York City. He takes the job and moves to the big city in the east coast, and quickly becomes friends with Jamie. As Dylan doesn’t know anyone in town, the two become very close and spend most of their time together. They eventually agree to have casual sex without any emotion or commitment involved.