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Bank accounts for Brazil donations

In view of the environmental disaster that hit three counties in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the embassy has announced that four bank accounts have been set up to receive donations.

The deadly floods in Brazil, which has claimed almost 800 lives and left more than 14,000 people homeless, hit the municipalities of Nova Friburgo, Petropolis and Teresopolis the hardest.

Donations for humanitarian aid assistance to Teresopolis can be sent to the Banco do Brasil’s agency number 0741-2, account number 110000-9 or at Caixa Economica Federal’s agency number 4146, account number 2011-1.

To donate to the municipality of Nova Friburgo, an account was opened at Banco do Brasil under the agency number 0335-2, account number 120000-3.

The nongovernmental organization Viva-Rio also opened an account at Banco do Brazil, agency number 1769-8 and account number 411396-9 to assist those affected by the floods.

The Brazilian Embassy offers more detailed information at their website at