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Woman indicted for filming judges, police with camera hidden in glasses

By Shin Ji-hye

Published : June 20, 2024 - 14:25

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Filming eyeglasses used for crime (Daegu District Public Prosecutors' Office) Filming eyeglasses used for crime (Daegu District Public Prosecutors' Office)

A woman in her 30s, who is undergoing criminal trial for firing a gas-powered self-defense weapon at a doctor, is now facing additional charges for secretly filming her interrogations and court proceedings

According to the prosecution in Daegu on Wednesday, the suspect, detained and prosecuted in the assault case, has been indicted for violating the Protection of Communications Secrets Act by filming the hearing using glasses fitted with a hidden camera.

The woman was apprehended at a Daegu clinic on May 13, where she discharged the gun-shaped weapon at the doctor, after the doctor refused to prescribe her the drugs she demanded. She also assaulted police officers dispatched to the scene.

Following her indictment on charges of assault and obstruction of official duty, on May 17, she was sent to a detention center, where she will be held for the criminal trial.

Then, an official at the detention center discovered that she possessed glasses that looked out of the ordinary. On examination, they were found to contain a filming device, capable of taking photos and recording video for as long as 140 minutes.

The ensuing investigation discovered that the device contained around 200 recordings, some of which show her interrogation sessions at a police station, her warrant review session at a Daegu court, as well as footage from inside the police cell. Photos of the judges and court staff were also stored on the device.