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Gravity Launches New 3D Platformer Game 'ALTF42' Worldwide


Published : June 5, 2024 - 20:10

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- Enjoy the full version of 'ALTF42' featuring the final stage and unique new content right on Steam

- Upcoming speed run event with a total prize money of $5,000 for the global region

SEOUL, South Korea, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Gravity, a global game company, announced its global launch of the new 3D platformer 'ALTF42' on the Steam platform at 12 AM(PDT) on June 5.

Gravity Launches New 3D Platformer Game ‘ALTF42’ Worldwide
Gravity Launches New 3D Platformer Game ‘ALTF42’ Worldwide

'ALTF42' is the official sequel to 'ALTF4,' a game enjoyed by numerous users worldwide. The new title is poised to achieve global success, leveraging Gravity's extensive experience and expertise in the global service. The game features upgraded graphics and more challenging trap placements, enhancing its difficulty. It also introduces unique content such as a coin system, turtle race tracks, costumes, and giant boss battles, offering a variety of engaging experiences.

In the official release version, a jungle-themed stage, the longest in 'ALTF42,' has been added. Players can experience the joy of navigating various traps and animals aligned with the jungle concept. Randomly flying butts appear throughout the stage, providing opportunities to acquire additional items and coins. 'ALTF42' is available in 15 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, French, and German.

Gravity will hold a speed run challenge event with a total prize pool of $5,000 for the global region from 12:00 AM(PDT) on June 5 to June 12. To participate, players must record a video of themselves clearing the game from the first stage to the final stage during the event period and upload it to the event page. The top 10 participants with the fastest clear times will receive prize money, distributed based on their rankings.

Yoo Joon, Team Leader of Console Business at Gravity, said, "Following our release on the Stove Store, we have officially launched 'ALTF42' for the global region on Steam. We anticipate that the game's enhanced performance, combined with Gravity's global publishing expertise, will achieve remarkable success, comparable to its predecessor. We invite everyone to explore the official release version, which offers new stages and content for even more enjoyable experience, and to join the challenge event for the global region."

More information about the official release of 'ALTF42' on Steam is available on the ALTF42 Steam page.

Participation in the speed run challenge event is supported on a separate event page.

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[ALTF42 Steam webpage]

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